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Pokémon GO
App Name Pokémon GO
Genre Adventure
Developer Niantic, Inc.
Size 128.8Mb
Latest Version 0.265.0
Mod info Originals
Update March 14, 2023 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go is a virtual interactive game on smartphones developed by Niantic. The game allows players to hunt, train, and trade virtual Pokemon based on the real world using the device's GPS and camera.

Become an adventurer and collect powerful Pokemon with Pokemon go

This is a free game but still supports in-app purchases so players can buy in-game items. In addition, the game also released a small bracelet that notifies the player when there are Pokemon around you.

Since its launch, the game has attracted a large number of players because of its unique appeal. The game is highly appreciated by psychologists for its ability to improve mental health. Besides, it also brings controversy when it is the cause of many traffic accidents and many other negative cases.

The game is built on the cartoon characters from the Pokemon movie. The map used in the game is google map. Players need to move continuously to different locations and areas to get to where there are Pokemon. The interesting thing about this game is that we will be playing based on the real world. Pokemon will appear anywhere in our world. Some mandatory notes when playing this game are:

  • Always turn on location when participating in the game
  • Always stay connected to the Internet

Like many other games, Pokemon Go also has many levels. Each level will have different requirements and the difficulty increases with the size of the level. The odds of catching pokemon also depend on your level and the type of pokeball you use.

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Pokemon Go is a game that attracts a large number of gamers. What are the highlights that attract the gaming community to this game? Let's learn about this game right now!

The combination of virtual world and real world

The game revolves around going out to find out where there are pokemon and hunting and training them. Your world will become an extremely interesting world with the appearance of animals that can only be seen in cartoons.

This is a game that is extremely competitive and offers a more enjoyable community experience for players. New locations will bring new animals to attract you to step out and start hunting. Some rare pokemon will appear in certain weather, this is why players need to regularly update the weather forecast.

Simple interface easy to play

The interface of this game is quite simple. The items are arranged logically to help players easily manipulate when participating in the game experience. Entering the game you will see the interface of the game is a map with locations compatible with the map of the real world. Like other games, this game also has a descriptive interface about the main character. Including current exp, level, Pokemon medals and stock of Pokemon we've caught. The interface of the game is very beautiful and modern but equally cute.

Quality graphics

This game also spent a fair amount of money on the graphic design. The types of pokemon appearing in the game are extremely unique, sharp and true. The hunts as well as the battles in the arena are meticulously designed to give players a very real feeling.

Pros and cons of Pokemon Go

This game has many advantages because of its extremely creative gameplay, motivating players to go out and explore the world. In addition, being built on the real world has made the game more relatable.

Like all other games, Pokemon Go, no matter how perfect, cannot avoid some shortcomings. This game was released a few years ago and there is no improvement in graphics, so the graphics have become quite outdated. This game also consumes too much energy when participating in the experience. Because it is built on a map of the real world, there are many similarities, so when participating in the game, players need to be very careful to avoid unwanted accidents.

How to download Pokemon Go is very simple on android

To be able to download this game to your device and experience it, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Open a web browser on your android device and search for the term Pokemon Go.
  • After the results, select the version compatible with your device and click “download”.
    Select the method to download.
  • After successful download, the device will ask if you want to open the file. Please open the file. Click “install” then wait a moment for the device to complete the installation.
  • After successful installation, the game's logo will appear on the phone screen, click and join the game experience.
Do not hesitate to join the fight right away with these lovely Pokemon!!


Through this article, I hope I have brought you a lot of useful information about this game. Download Pokemon Go and join the experience of this extremely interesting game world right now!

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