Gacha Life 1.1.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Gacha Life
App Name Gacha Life
Genre Casual
Developer Lunime
Size 100.1MB
Latest Version 1.1.4
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 28, 2022 (5 months ago)

Description of Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a Japanese style fashion game. The game is designed to simulate the unique anime series, cute chibi characters also appear from there. This game is exactly the best choice for fashion enthusiasts as well as cute Japanese animation lovers.

When coming to Gacha Life, players will experience a lively space, full of bright colors, cute characters and super pretty costumes. Moreover, the characters can be freely customized as you like, so there will be different looks depending on the player's aesthetic eye.

Released by Lunime, a publisher specializing in 2D graphics games, it can be said that the game has been invested very carefully. The number of downloads of this game is also very admirable, and this is also what proves the popularity of this game.

Gacha Life is a fashion game that comes with adventure, eye-catching and pretty colors, so the game is very popular with teenagers. If you want to create beautiful things yourself, style your character's hair, change clothes, ... then come to this game. And yet, you can also create backgrounds for your own characters.

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Gacha Life - transform into super cute chibi characters

Gacha Life brings a light, fresh entertainment world, very suitable for those who like the lovely and cute. When playing, pay attention to collect various gems by playing games to receive gifts and meet many new friends.

Making a big splash even though it was just released not long ago, Gacha Life is a formidable opponent of games of the same genre. Surely anyone who experiences this cute game will have a lot of fun and entertainment.

Download Gacha Life Mod Apk - Super cute Japanese chibi game

Entering the world like in the pages of Japanese school stories are extremely cute, funny, costumes are diverse in form, color, ... It can be said that this is a game of the times. best page.

Unique gameplay

Gacha Life is a game where when you just started your journey, you will have to design a character for yourself. Next, feel free to customize the different shapes and colors to your liking. Not only that, these characters can also move or stand with a passive pose. Change the character's shape at any time in just a note, this is something that few games allow players to make changes.

If in other games, it is mandatory to follow a certain journey order, from low to high, from one to the other. However, in this game, there will be independent modes, completely unrelated to each other, so you can play in any mode you want, and it will not affect the order. gaming.

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New and attractive gameplay

Let's create a character of your own, unique, new and different. The player's personality is what will be created in each character. In the game, there will be specific instructions, so newbies do not find it too difficult to start with the operations in Gacha Life.

Entering the vivid 2D graphics space, different game modes will create an extremely relaxing entertainment atmosphere, including modes: Dress up, Studio, Life, Gacha and Mini games. Newbie will be given 200 diamonds to start her adventure.

Dress up mode

Design yourself according to your preferences, ideas and personality a "copy" character, along with cute costumes, from dresses, skirts, skirts, to polite suits, tops elastic shorts dynamic, personality,... And yet, Gacha Life allows to change the hairstyle to suit, even change the skin, face, nose, ...

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Design your own character style

Dress up mode brings more than 100 different hairstyles, cute and colorful accessories. Choose and change your chibi character a very special style, leaving its own mark.

Studio Mode

With this mode, your character will be photographed with many other players' characters. Posing or customizing the service character, the accompanying decorations are too simple in Gacha Life.

Hundreds of different backgrounds are also what make the character's pictures more beautiful and stylish. Static background and dynamic background like beach, winter, ancient ruins, various colors.

Life Mode

This is an adventure, a journey between the player and the character. Many new characters with chat, Q&A, gift giving and question-answering features will make the trip in Gacha Life more interesting. Everyone will start at level 1, and after that, will unlock other features according to the rank.


Gacha Life allows players to immerse themselves in a very cute space of bright, young and dynamic colorful chibi characters. Unique entertaining game, besides stimulating thinking, creativity and beauty. Wouldn't it be great if you could play the game and enjoy the beauty at the same time!

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