Hay Day mod + apk 1.55.93 Unlimited Coins

Hay Day
App Name Hay Day
Genre Casual
Developer Supercell
Size 171.6Mb
Latest Version 1.55.93
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update October 11, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Hay Day

Hay day is a great game for gamers who are passionate about farming. This is released by Supercell. In 2013, this game was successful when bringing in more than 30 million dollars in income per month for the company. In addition, this game is also the top 4 games with the highest income.

When joining the game, player will receive the task of building a farm in a simple and light way. The simplicity brings attraction, fun and addiction to many gamers. When participating in the game, you will have the opportunity to interact with many different plants and animals. At the same time, he also produces and trades agricultural products himself with other gamers.

hay day game apk

Through each different level of the game, players will be upgraded. Each level of Hay day will have a corresponding number of plants and animals unlocked. In addition, you also try to update the equipment and works. So you need to come up with smart tactics to develop the farm in the most effective way.

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The publisher has created an extremely attractive and interesting Hay day. Let's find out information about this game below:

Plot in the game

When you first enter the game, you will receive a notification from the system. The game story begins  when your uncle is retired and you become the manager and maintainer of this farm. This game is not only a normal farm game but also orients you to the basic rules of development and corresponding time.

You will receive an extremely spacious empty garden, where you can build and design the farm according to your preferences. However, the initial equipment is very rudimentary and you have to buy more necessary items.

The main task of the brothers is to grow crops and raise livestock. All activities are carried out naturally and sequentially as in reality. For example, sowing seeds, watering plants and after a period of time harvesting.

In addition, players can exchange and visit neighbors' houses by making friends with friends, .... Visiting neighbors' houses will help you collect many valuable gifts and items. Besides, you need to upgrade your inventory by participating in contests released by the system.

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With many interesting things of the game Hay day has helped gamers transform into a real farmer. Currently, the publisher has supported the Vietnamese language to make it easier for you to access the game.

The game will provide specific and easy-to-understand instructions for players. During the waiting period to harvest agricultural products and livestock. Then you can take advantage of the time to decorate and beautify your farm.

The reasonable harvest time will help you save time and experience the most effective game and collect more points. A small tip is that even if you are busy, you should take the time to plant new trees and feed your pets.

Trade and trade

Not only farming, players can also buy and sell agricultural products. This trading feature will be unlocked when you reach level 17. You will proceed to display goods at the small shop in front of the farm. In addition, you can also use ships to transport goods to distant places in the world. However, to use the ship, you need to spend 16000 coins to build the port. Each new shipment will arrive within 4 hours, you can speed up when using 5 diamonds.

Other features

Players will be able to participate in the lucky spin every day at Hay day. You need to click on the car parked in front of the farm every morning to get a free spin.

At level 14, the character Tom will appear. Players will be able to work with Tom within 3 days. If you want to hire Tom to work on finding items, you need to use 15 diamonds per day.

Sound graphics

Game publishers develop graphics in a smooth and realistic way. The characters are built very specific and flexible. The designs of animals and plants are extremely detailed and diverse. All create a picture of a peaceful village in the game.

In addition, sound is also the strong point of this Hay day game. With carefully selected instrumental music with gentle combinations. All give players the best entertainment moments ever.

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Currently, Hay day is a free farm game on electronic devices such as tablets and phones. This game is covering a wide area with more than 122 countries around the world. If you are a farm lover, what are you waiting for, try downloading this game and play it right away.

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