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Brotato Premium
App Name Brotato Premium
Genre Arcade
Developer Erabit Studios
Size 118.8 MB
Latest Version 1.3.136 v2
Mod info Unlimited Money, Premium
Price Free
Update July 07, 2024 (1 weeks ago)

Brotato: Premium is an electronic game with a simple storyline but quite humorous character designs. In the game, you become a heroic potato fighting against alien monsters. With your available weapons and smart attacking tactics, you'll have to single-handedly defeat numerous, extremely crowded enemies. To conquer the higher and tougher levels of the game, you should download and play the Brotato MOD APK Premium version (Full characters, Unlimited money) shared for free by ApkModay in this article.

Introduction to Brotato Mod Apk

Brotato: Premium was developed by Erabit Studios and was just released on 21/05/2023, yet it has quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads. The game turns you into a potato named Brotato. His spaceship from the potato world accidentally crashed into a distant planet, where Brotato is the sole survivor. However, he will have to face many dangerous monsters eager to attack Brotato on this alien planet.

The Brotato Mod Apk version with many unique features like unlimited money, full characters, has appeared on ApkModay. You can now access the link at the end of this article to download the latest Brotato Mod Apk version to experience these features.

Introduction to Brotato Mod Apk
Introduction to Brotato Mod Apk


Gameplay of Brotato Mod Apk

Brotato Mod Apk is an interesting roguelite game, uniquely centered around a potato hero shooting alien beings in a super fun way. Here are some details about the gameplay of this game.

Engaging Gameplay

Brotato Premium APK is designed to be suitable for children aged 3 and up with simple yet engaging gameplay. You will control your potato character to fight and defeat enemies on the planet. Use the virtual button system on the screen to move and use weapons to eliminate enemies. Your goal is to defeat all enemies in each level to unlock new levels and receive valuable rewards.

Gameplay of Brotato Mod Apk
Gameplay of Brotato Mod Apk


Huge Arsenal

The Brotato Hack version with unlimited money will help you unlock and use various weapons such as rifles, pistols, water guns, laser guns, etc. During the game, you can change weapons to enhance your strength and easily defeat enemies. The large combat environment and diverse weapon choices will help you quickly complete missions.

Various Game Modes

Brotato MOD offers two main gameplay modes: Survival and Campaign. Survival mode requires you to fight continuously to survive, defeat opponents to earn bonuses, and upgrade weapons. Conversely, Campaign mode requires you to complete increasingly difficult levels, confront various types of alien monsters to unlock new levels, and collect new weapons.

Gameplay of Brotato Mod Apk
Gameplay of Brotato Mod Apk


Guide to Playing Brotato Mod Apk

Although it may seem simple on the surface, Brotato presents a challenge when experiencing its crazy gameplay. New players may find it difficult to face intense attack intensity in the game. Therefore, if you are a newbie, follow the game guide below:

Use Manual Aim Mode

By default, Brotato uses automatic shooting mode, suitable in many cases but not very effective when shooting from a distance or requiring higher accuracy. Switching to manual target aiming mode allows players to adjust the shooting direction with maximum accuracy using the cursor, depending on personal preference.

Weapon Combination

The game offers a variety of random items that players can find each time they play. Some items combine better with each other, and new players should carefully check each item to find useful combinations. The shop is also a place to search for additional items for combat.

Guide to Playing Brotato Mod Apk
Guide to Playing Brotato Mod Apk


Avoid Moving into Map Corners

While playing, players should avoid map corners because all maps in Brotato Mod Apk are square with four corners. Faced with increasingly fierce waves of attacks, moving in circles will help players avoid being surrounded by enemies and increase survival chances.

Collect Fruit Diligently

In addition, players should always collect any appearing fruits, called Life Fruits, from enemies or trees. These fruits provide a self-healing method in addition to Life Steal and Health Regen stats. They will automatically attract to the player's position for them to use when needed, helping maintain health in urgent situations.

Guide to Playing Brotato Mod Apk
Guide to Playing Brotato Mod Apk


Mod Features of Brotato Mod Apk Version

Brotato Mod Apk is an incredibly interesting improved version that ApkModay brings to you. Let's explore the features in the latest version:

Unlimited money

This feature is integrated into most games on the ApkModay platform, and of course, Brotato Mod Apk is no exception. With unlimited money, you can buy everything in Brotato, from new characters to new weapons and their skins.

Full characters

All characters in Brotato, when downloading the Hack Brotato version at ApkModay, will be fully unlocked. Now, you can use all characters in the game until you find the most suitable hero for your gameplay style.

Mod Features of Brotato Mod Apk Version
Mod Features of Brotato Mod Apk Version


Why download the Brotato Mod Apk version at ApkModay?

Prioritize safety when downloading apps from unofficial sources. With the Brotato Mod Apk version on ApkModay, we ensure that you can be completely assured. ApkModay is a reputable address trusted by the gaming community with many prominent games like The Spike, Minecraft, Toca Life World,... Download the latest Brotato now to experience it!

Guide to Downloading Brotato Mod Apk

ApkModay always updates the latest Brotato Mod Apk versions. You should also absolutely avoid downloading games from other sources to avoid the risk of personal information theft.

Step 1. Download the APK file

At the end of the Brotato article on ApkModay, click "Download" button. Then, choose the version you want and download it.

Step 2. Install the APK file

After downloading, go to device settings, "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources." Click on the APK file you just downloaded, follow the instructions, and click "Install."

Step 3. Enjoy the game

After installation, click "Open" to start playing. Now, you can experience Brotato Mod Apk with exciting features from ApkModay.

Guide to Downloading Brotato Mod Apk
Guide to Downloading Brotato Mod Apk


Download Brotato Mod Apk v1.3.391 (Unlimited money, Premium) for Android

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the peak of Brotato with the latest Premium APK Hack version! Download Brotato Mod Apk Premium APK 1.3.391 now at ApkModay to unlock all characters, receive unlimited money, and play in your own way.



What is Brotato Premium?

Brotato Premium is an electronic game developed by Erabit Studios, where players take on the role of a heroic potato named Brotato. It involves battling alien monsters on a distant planet.

What are the key features of Brotato Premium?

Brotato Premium offers engaging gameplay where players use various weapons to defeat enemies. It includes modes like Survival and Campaign, with options for upgrading weapons and unlocking new levels

How can I download Brotato Premium?

You can download Brotato Premium by visiting reputable app stores or platforms like ApkModay, where the latest versions are available for download.

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