Battlegrounds Mobile India mod OBB 2.1.0 No

Battlegrounds Mobile India
App Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Genre Action
Developer KRAFTON, Inc.
Size 619.8Mb
Latest Version OBB 2.1.0
Mod info No
Update September 27, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Battlegrounds Mobile India

BattleGrounds Mobile India is a special version of PUBG Mobile exclusively for gamers in India. The game was released by India Gaming company shortly after the Indian authorities issued a ban on playing PUBG Mobile. After only a few days of release, this game has received more than 30 downloads.

Currently this attractive shooter has risen to the 3rd position in the ranking of fastest growing mobile games in India. Not stopping there, it also topped the list of the most attractive and quality free mobile games in the country in 2022.

The world of this game is very diverse and there are many things for players to explore. Gamers can go collect different valuable items to improve their attack and defense. To get these items, players can loot after shooting down opponents or "loot" them in abandoned buildings. These items are usually distributed randomly depending on the location.


Attractive PvP game - BattleGrounds Mobile India

This game requires players to have skills to make the most of their weapons. In addition, it is also set up with a variety of obstacles, such as complex terrain, or a limited circle - aka "bo". Therefore, the player must constantly move to avoid these obstacles or hide in one place.

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When participating in BattleGrounds Mobile India, players will experience intense, dramatic gun battles with many different challenges. You will have to try to shoot down other formidable opponents in the world. Anyone participating wants to be the last survivor, so the competition rate in this game is extremely large.

BattleGrounds Mobile India Highlights

BattleGrounds Mobile India is loved by many people because of its extremely attractive gameplay and outstanding features. The highlights of this game include:

Various weapon systems

When playing BattleGrounds Mobile India, players will have the right to own a lot of different weapons. The most prominent is the gun. The power of the guns will not be the same, depending on the level and the match involved. At the same time, each type of gun will have its own way of using bullets.

In lucky cases, players can also pick up items that can upgrade their guns. From there, the probability as well as the combat effectiveness for each level will be improved.


Upgrade weapons to focus on fighting

In addition to guns, this game is also equipped with a number of other weapons such as silencers, protective armor and compasses. Where silencers will be extremely useful. It will help players attack opponents quickly without making any noise.

And the protective spear will help you escape dangerous shots from the opponent. And finally, the compass will have the effect of orienting the opponent's position to attack accurately. At the same time, this will be consistent with the tactics that players set up when moving as well as hiding in a certain position.

There is an age limit to play the game

Gamers under the age of 18 will be limited in playing time when participating in BattleGrounds Mobile India. Specifically, these people will only be able to play the game for   4 hours a day and require the consent of a supervisor. At the same time, gamers will also be limited regarding payment transactions. Each person can only load into the game 7000 Rupi per day, equivalent to about 2.1 VND.

Attractive 3D graphics

What makes BattleGrounds Mobile India more popular than other games is the graphics. This game has a graphic quality that pushes the boundaries of what is possible for mobile gaming. Nowadays, there are many games with similar graphics but this game is completely different.

The characters in the game are simulated very realistically, no different from a real person in real life. The publisher has carefully designed every detail to help players have the most familiar and stimulating feeling when playing. In addition, the sound of this game is also very exciting and fun.

Real perspective

Diverse viewing angles

The game supports 2 viewing angles for players to choose from. Those are first person and third person. However, most players prefer the first-person perspective, because in this perspective, the player will focus on the ability to aim more accurately.

As for the 3rd person perspective, the player can observe the surrounding landscape more comprehensively. And this perspective will focus on the ability to observe, not aim.


Above is the most detailed information and reviews about the game BattleGrounds Mobile India. Hope you can download this game to your phone to experience it to the fullest.

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