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Toca Life World
App Name Toca Life World
Genre RPG
Developer Toca Boca
Size 541.8Mb
Latest Version 1.59
Mod info Unlocked All
Update January 30, 2023 (2 days ago)

Description of Toca Life World

Toca Life World (Mod, Unlocked All) is an educational game that hlep children develop their imaginations more color and vividness. Produced and put into operation from November 2018 by the large corporation Toca Boca. This game will give children a world of their own to create and do what they want. Children can create their own characters, thereby creating a story in the virtual world.

game toca life world

Toca Life World - Educational game for kids

Get to know more about the game

The manufacturer has brought children a new virtual world full of fun and attraction for those who step into this Toca Life World game. The game belongs to the series of Toca Life, produced and developed with the aim of bringing dynamism and creativity in children's thinking.

Toca Life World game is quite easy to play because it is for children from 4 years old and up, players also easily understand how to play. But to be safer, parents can guide young children to play games.

For the first time playing the game, children will be provided with 8 locations for them to explore including a shopping mall, a beauty salon, an apartment, .... Players will create their own characters with ethnicities, gender, bodybuilding depending on their preferences. When you play the game Toca Life World, you can connect your child's app to Toca Life World, so that there are more characters and more stories to play.

Download Toca Life World Mod APK - step into a colorful virtual world

toca life world apk mod

Toca Life World is an online game for kids which is similar to the real-life playrooms for kids. During the gameplay, kids can do whatever they want while playing. With entertaining but also educational games, children will be more creative and expand their imagination. Girls may like to do makeup and create characters at beauty salons, for example, and boys want to be superheroes,... all there for kids to have fun with.

Is Toca Life World really safe for children?

This is certainly something that many parents are interested in because many apps are inappropriate  for children. So it's a right thing for parents to worry, parents need to monitor and check the apps their children play. 

Speaking of that matter, Toca Life World is a safe game for kids. In addition to entertaining children, this game is also an educational place for children. Help children increase creativity and intelligence, imagination when playing games. This game is completely child-friendly and there is absolutely no inappropriate information, obscene language or childish publications.

And for parents' peace of mind, this game has absolutely no chat function. That will ensure that the child cannot talk to anyone else, or talk to people with bad intentions, spreading bad information. Most of the time, such people take advantage of the chat function of children's games.

Besides, the Toca Life World game does not have ads that appear on the screen when playing the game. And this will not make children uncomfortable, but on the contrary, it will be fun, not affected while playing the game.

Toca Life World game review

Toca Life World is a beneficial game for young children. They can develop their imagination as well as their creativitythrough this game. Besides, parents can also rest assured when children play this game without worrying that they will be cheated. However, this game also has the disadvantage that there is a game purchase. This game currently has 500 characters and 90 locations for children to explore, but parents must buy it. And to evaluate this game overall, it will be 9/10 points.

Attractive gifts when playing games at Toca Life World

When playing the game, there will be some rooms that give children special gifts at random, maybe gifts appear on the carousel. When lucky, children can receive gifts in a surprisingly short time. Besides, if you want to open more locations, children can rank up each day to open locations.

download Toca Life World apk modWhat are you waiting for, download it now to unleash your kids’ creativity!


Above is information about Toca Life World game for young children and parents' concerns about this application. Hopefully this article will be useful for parents who are interested in this game. Wish children will have happy moments with Toca Life World.

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