Stick War: Legacy mod + apk 2022.1.34 Unlimited Gems

Stick War: Legacy
App Name Stick War: Legacy
Genre RPG
Developer Max Games Studios
Size 103.7Mb
Latest Version 2022.1.34
Mod info Unlimited Gems
Update November 23, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy Mod Apk is an attractive strategy game released by Max Games Studios. When you join the gameplay, you will play the role of a talented commander, or a king of a random country in the gameplay. Your task is to build and develop his country and protect it from the threat of other countries. However, you can also bring invaders and attack other countries to broaden your lands and bring back their victory.

This game will bring all players to the world of Inamorta, where there are many powerful empires residing. You will try to build the country under your rule by collecting a lot of materials and building a powerful fighting army.

When you enter the game, each person will be provided with a piece of barren land and 150 gold. Please use this gold to hire gold diggers. The more gold, the stronger the country, so hire a lot of stick people.

Up to now, this game is not stopping hot. According to statistics, more than 10 million people have downloaded this game to experience. This number proves that the game is very popular with players.

Download Stick War Legacy APK  + Mod for android

So the question is why many people download and install. Reasons will be revealed below:

Graphics and sound

Stick War: Legacy has 2D graphics with a very simple stickman design. However everything is very beautiful and great compared to many other games on the market. Characters move very flexibly and extremely beautifully. The publisher invests in a lot of effects like fighting, magic along with some special skills. They look intuitive, clear, and very easy on the eyes.

Moreover, the sound of the game gives players a very realistic experience. Excellent performance from the voice of death to the sound of fighting. However, the limitation of the game is that the background music is not diverse and not too good.


Playing this game, players will come to the world of Inamorta with many powerful empires. Each country will have a different expertise and different weapons. They all intend to invade your country to become the strongest empire. So as a leader of the kingdom, you need to build up your forces and attack the enemy to protect the country. In addition, you need to exploit gold mines to improve the country's economy to be strong.

Gold coins are a resource

You need to own a force of workers and miners to mine gold for the country. In addition, in the game Stick War: Legacy, you should also focus on collecting a lot of gems. Because this stone will help upgrade the fighting power of the stick people many times. Especially gems will help you buy charms containing many universal spells.

Multiple game modes

Currently this game includes 4 modes:

  • Classic: this is a campaign mode with increasing difficulty. This mode is suitable for new players.
  • Mission: this mode, gamers will be updated every week. At the same time, you must reach a specific level and have experience for building your country, the new system will open the next task.
  • Tournament: A mode that allows you to fight with robots. If you beat each AI, you will meet AIs with a higher level of difficulty. In the end you will receive the crown and become the ruler of all the countries in the game.
  • Endless mode: Build your nation to fight and destroy undead zombies pre-programmed by the publisher.


Above is the information about the game Stick War: Legacy that we provide to you. Thereby showing that this is an excellent game app for those who use Android phones. What are you waiting for, do not download this game to have a beautiful experience.

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