Tap Tap Breaking mod + apk 1.77 Unlimited Money

Tap Tap Breaking
App Name Tap Tap Breaking
Genre RPG
Developer ODAAT studio
Size 50.7MB
Latest Version 1.77
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 12, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Tap Tap Breaking

Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk is a game released by ODAAT. Compared to other games of the same genre on the market today, Tap Tap Breaking has always been something very attractive and attractive. The number of downloads is extremely high as recorded on Google Play and Apple Store . With a simple and highly entertaining game form, Tap Tap Breaking has become a feverish phenomenon in the gaming community.

Get to know more about the game

The content of the game revolves around smashing things to relieve stress, relieve stress and pressure. The form and gameplay are quite basic, suitable for all ages and genders, both men and women can play comfortably.

tap tap breaking cliker game

Tap tap breaking - The best stress reliever entertainment game

Players when playing this game, just touch the screen, touch continuously until everything around is broken. On stressful or tiring days, playing Tap Tap Breaking will help players feel more comfortable, reducing the negative factors that are in them.

With powerful hands and strong strength, your character will smash everything without having to fear that his hand will be hurt. The refreshing, fun moments from smashing stuffs  will become great for players like never before.

Download Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk - enjoy the feeling of comfort after every play

Being popular at all ages helps this game develop more and more. Tap Tap Breaking has elements that fully promote the ability to be a game to reduce stress.

Characters in the game

When entering the game, you will transform into a young man in white shirt and blue pants. He looks a bit goofy, using his hands to chop and break things. But perhaps it is because of this stupidity that brought laughter to the experiencer.

Mechanics and gameplay

The gameplay of Tap Tap Breaking is extremely simple. The player's job is just to touch the screen to make the other character start breaking objects. First, you will start with breaking 1 small stone. This step lets players get used to the gameplay of the game.

At the bottom of your screen there will be a bar, and that bar is called the barrage. When you smash something, your dart gauge will increase little by little. By the time that bar is full, that's when your character has invincible power, able to break everything as easily as the hand.

But it should also be noted that, when reaching a certain limit, your character will no longer be able to withstand it, so it means you have already lost the game. Once you cut down, you will earn an amount corresponding to the power of that hit. So, remember to upgrade your character by using gold collected when you break stuffs. 

Lots of objects to break

As mentioned above, the warm-up will start with breaking a small rock. Next, in the next levels, the destroyed objects will start from easy to break to more difficult. Thin sheets of wood or lots of wood stacked on top of each other, and then possibly even harder objects. The difficulty will increase with each level.

download tap tap breaking

Breaking objects to pass new levels in Tap Tap Breaking will help players gain experience. When enough, will unlock new objects, and of course it will be more difficult to destroy. It's not just as simple as you think it's a rock, a log, a stack of bricks, it can be a mountain or the earth.

Graphics, sound and visual design

Tap Tap Breaking has a simple graphic design, not too colorful and detailed, but perhaps this is also the attraction for players, because just focusing on breaking objects is okay, not being other factors dominate.

The special thing to mention is the emotional element of the character, it will be suitable for each action and gesture. In addition, the embedded sound effects make Tap Tap Breaking more vivid and attractive.

Character will be upgraded

The longer you play, the stronger the character becomes thanks to the accumulation of experience. The parts are improved  imsuch as health will recover faster, destroy objects more easily, ... depending on the level of character upgrade from gold received.

Players when playing Tap Tap Breaking can choose to upgrade or not. However, if you don't upgrade, after only a few cuts, you will lose strength and get injured. Therefore, upgrade your character to make everything smoother and easier.

Diverse game modes

Tap Tap Breaking has 3 game modes: default, challenge and golden bar. In the default mode, players will break objects simply and quite easily, more practice in nature. In challenge mode, the player experiences many small rounds, and the objects will be the same in one stage. Golden bar mode allows players to chop as fast as possible to earn a lot of gold.

tap tap breaking modExtremely diverse game modes


Tap Tap Breaking is a very good stress relief game, suitable for all ages. If you are facing difficult problems, try downloading this game to relax.

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