Delivery From the Pain: Survival mod + apk 1.0.9902 b102 No Ads/Unlimited Money

Delivery From the Pain: Survival
App Name Delivery From the Pain: Survival
Genre Adventure
Developer DigiPotato Studio
Size 304.8MB
Latest Version 1.0.9902 b102
Mod info No Ads/Unlimited Money
Update September 27, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Delivery From the Pain: Survival

Delivery From the Pain: Survival is an extremely attractive survival game. The game is published by the developer Digi Potato Studio. After receiving a warm welcome by players on PC, the game was officially launched on Android and IOS platforms.

The game is set in the future, a pharmaceutical company announces that it has invented a drug that can bring immortality to mankind. The drug tested on humans and the experimental project is called "Human X".

Delivery From the Pain: Survival - The best survival game of all time

Through the experiments, the individuals who took part in the experiment became practically immortal and immune to all diseases. However, now they were no longer human. They turned into zombies hungry for fresh blood and raw meat. From here, the earth begins a series of highly dangerous zombie epidemics.

When entering the game, players will be the lucky guy to survive the rapid spread of the pandemic. At this time, you will have to pick up tools and weapons to help players survive in harsh environments.

The game has a third-person perspective. Gamers can move to many places to collect the essentials needed to maintain life. In addition, players must also try to find weapons to help themselves fight when meeting enemies.

The good thing about Delivery From the Pain: Survival is that unarmed players run around everywhere. Here, gamers will have to enter stealth wars and avoid the pursuit of zombies. In hidden corners, use weapons to destroy the zombies that are about to harm you.

Download Delivery From the Pain: Survival Mod Apk - The ultimate survival game

Every aspect of the game can cause excitement for players. Every moment of battle that the game brings is real, breathless. Gamers seem to be overwhelmed by the plot, characters and everything in Delivery From the Pain: Survival.

The plot is full of humanity

The plot of the game is very attractive

Not only is the battle for survival to take life for yourself, the game also contains deep humanistic messages. After each milestone players pass, we will meet new characters as well as open many mysterious stories about this pandemic.

During his journey, the player can meet a mother, a doctor, a liar or a disabled man, etc. Each character has their own story. Those stories can be lessons about humanity, sharing, and helping each other in the midst of disasters.

The game does a great job of harmonizing intense combat and quiet moments. This makes players really love and want to choose.

Fight while searching for items to survive

If you want to survive in Delivery From the Pain: Survival, gamers must learn how to find tools and items. These are all very necessary things to help yourself survive and fight the zombies.

At the beginning of the game, an officer named Morgan will guide you through the basics of the game. He will teach players how to get items such as food, water, materials, weapons, etc. At the same time, guide the accumulation of items in the base.

Fortunately, the zombies in this game are not too sensitive to noise. If players know how to move wisely, they can completely avoid fighting them. Moreover, the zombies will give up when chasing after a short amount of time.
Try to build a strong base for yourself

Delivery From the Pain: Survival has arranged for players a safe base location. This will be a place to protect each person from zombies who are trying to eat meat. The player's task is to try to build a strong base capable of defending against zombie attacks.
From the beginning to the end of the game, zombies will attack until it is destroyed or the player dies. Therefore, it is necessary to build a strong base to protect yourself from attacks.

Pay attention to the elements and stats in the game

Pay attention to the use of support items during the game

An ordinary person needs three basic things to survive: eating, drinking, and sleeping. However, during a dangerous pandemic, those basic things have become too much of a luxury. Just sleeping too much can also be eaten by zombies.
But that's not why players ignore sleeping. Gamers should try to spend about 4 to 6 hours a day sleeping. This helps to increase the "Spiritual" stat in the game. Because if this stat is low, the character in control will become slow and prone to mistakes.

The excellence of the game Delivery From the Pain: Survival

The plot, gameplay or any element in Delivery From the Pain: Survival can make players fall in love. Let's take a look at some of the advantages that make this game at the top of the mobile game village:

  • Vivid graphics, bold style of the era of doom.
  • The unique gameplay is a blend of survival with RPG elements.
  • The design of a variety of game modes makes gamers never get bored.
  • The construction game has multiple endings, depending on how each player plays.


Delivery From the Pain: Survival is both challenging and full of humanity. Play the game not only to enjoy the breathtaking chases, but also to learn skills and profound lessons

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