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Extreme Football
App Name Extreme Football
Genre Sports
Developer 9M Interactive
Size 70.7MB
Latest Version 5103
Mod info No Mod
Update September 20, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Extreme Football

Extreme Football is commonly known by another name, Super Football. This is a street football game where two teams can face and fight each other for three minutes, with three members on each team. The team that can score more goals than the other team at the end of time wins the match.

The control mechanism in this game is completely suitable for the gameplay on mobile devices of gamers. The virtual moving bars are designed on the left side of the screen, only a button with the task of controlling the ball is located on the right side.

If you hold down on that button, the game character will focus on running. In case the gamer touches and slides to one side on the touch screen, the player's game character will drop and shoot the ball in the direction that was previously selected.

All matches in Extreme Football game are 3vs3 genre. However, you can only choose a single game character. In other words, the smooth coordination with teammates will be a prerequisite for gamers to win the ball matches on the built-in system.


Extreme Football - Play Football on your Android phone

With countless extremely high reviews from gamers who have experienced, the game has created an admirable fever for a long time. With the game of the prestigious publisher 9M Interactive, gamers can freely use special services without worrying about any problem of cheating players.

Download Extreme Football Mod Apk - Experience dramatic football matches

In the game, you can use different groups of characters. All are already integrated with skills, as well as special features of each group of characters.

For example, there will be characters who specialize in quality headers, or players with extremely high dodge stats, no matter how dangerous the shots are to get. able to break through the solid defense of the opposing team.

Besides, the area of ​​​​the football field at Extreme Football game is also designed in a compact way, smaller in size than the football games that gamers often see. Aim to be able to let players score goals from any distance with precision calculation and a little bit of luck.

Extreme Football's absolute scoring factors

What is worth mentioning in this game is the subtlety from the publisher. Not only focusing on attractive content in the game, but also other absolute scoring factors.

Great match for all players


Everyone can join Super Soccer

There is no distinction between men and women at this football match, the game has completely broken down the gender segregation. Open up a modern football world and show the true level of this king sport.

However, players will not need to be too hesitant in choosing male or female characters. Because their body stats are basically not much different. Although each character has its own unique features and skills.

Exciting tournaments at Extreme Football

In addition to participating in the basic AI mode, gamers can also compete in dramatic football matches with friends around the world through the tournament mode. In this mode, players can use their favorite game character and compete against 3 other players.

This is also one of the modes that many players choose and love the most. Because this is not just a simple ball game but also a connection between players.

In addition, players can also invite their close friends to join in online fighting games. This is really not a bad idea to create relaxing moments together, right?

Extreme graphics


Choose your own favorite character

Extreme Football game builds an extremely top-notch graphics platform, which is hard to find in any other game. The football field where the matches take place is also designed in many different settings. Thanks to that, when participating in the game, players will never get bored.

The characters in the game are carefully designed with an eye-catching interface, as well as extremely great detailed motion effects. With that thorough and enthusiastic investment, it is not too strange and surprising that the game is highly appreciated by survey experts as well as gamers who have experienced for a long time here. the game's graphics.


In short, Extreme Football is a game with a unique gameplay and eye-catching graphics. Dramatic football matches are waiting for gamers to enter the game, download the game and "roll out" with us right away.

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