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Fishing Life
App Name Fishing Life
Genre Sports
Developer Nexelon inc.
Size 94.2Mb
Latest Version 0.0.196
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update March 17, 2023 (6 days ago)

Description of Fishing Life

Fishing Life is a simple, gentle entertainment game, suitable for those who are experiencing a lot of pressure and fatigue but do not know how to relax. Immerse yourself in a peaceful, loving nature, a simple life with fishing will ease your mind.

Coming to this game, all people need to do is just relax and let go of the fishing rod. There is nothing more relaxing than temporarily putting aside the chaos of life to reset yourself, give yourself the most peaceful moments, without any worries.

Fishing Life is an arcade fishing simulation game. Players will transform into a young man who is having small problems, bored, tired of the wheel of life. He was no longer interested in the hustle and bustle of city life, and just wanted a place to be alone.

In the end, the young man decided to go back to his hometown, reminisce about the old days when fishing was a simple and old hobby when he was a child. Peaceful, gentle moments with an open space, nature, trees, rivers, are really gentle and pure.

Fishing Life

Published by Nexelon inc, a company specializing in producing entertainment games of this genre, this is probably a big advantage when the staff has a lot of experience to put into the game. This game is released for free and players can play both online and offline, which is a highlight that is liked by many people.

Fishing Life will be a place of peace and relaxation for a soul that has been facing many troubles, a place for people to immerse themselves in every moment of peace, lightness, shake off all boredom, tedious. With an old small boat and a fishing rod, let it soothe the soul, refresh a hardened heart with the chaos and gloom of a life full of thorns and challenges.

Download Fishing Life Mod Apk - Fishing fun and peaceful life

It will not be difficult to catch fish in the river, no matter how skilled your fishing is. Letting go of fishing rods, renewing their previous boring life, Fishing Life will bring the most new feeling that everyone will definitely want to experience once.

The plot is light, relaxing

Coming to Fishing Life, players will be entering a new world, a peaceful space with trees and rivers, with a guy that you will role-play. That guy represents people who are under pressure, living a tired, bored life. Suddenly, he remembered the days when he was a child, when he and his father carried a fishing rod.

The game simulates a gentle life, daily fishing on the sea. The game is not aimed at players having to update fishing boats or fishing rods, but what NPH wants to focus on is that everyone can be comfortable, have fun, and enjoy moments of peace.

It would be remiss if we did not include this game in the list of the most “healing” games. Try to ask, is there any game that has a brilliant sunset on the sea, in the afternoon with the gentle breeze blowing through, imbued with the taste of the sea; What game has a starry night sky, a lighthouse far from the shore?

Easy to understand gameplay

ASMR enthusiasts will surely swoon with this game

Fishing Life gives players the most authentic fishing experience. Right from the start, the character will be on the boat and the task will be to move the boat to the fishing place. Line up, choose the appropriate position and drop the fishing line. Let the line sink slowly, wait a moment for the fish to bite, and then press the button on the screen to pull the fish.

For the ones that have the main and the most, the way to catch them is also extremely easy, you can catch them until the limit is reached. Fish nets also have a certain amount of space, so if you don't want it to take up too much space, use those fish as bait to lure rarer fish. To catch high-class fish in Fishing Life, it is necessary to meet the basic requirements.

With just a few simple steps, colorful fish can fit in your fish net, from small fish to giant fish like sharks, whales,... If you want to raise fish, , drop them into the aquarium to enrich and diversify your aquarium, or else you can sell them for money.

Experience more on the new boats, watch the fish swim in the blue water to dispel the fatigue and stress for so long. Complete fishing missions to receive corresponding rewards, including new tools, boats, fishing rods, ...

Eye-catching graphics

Fishing Life will be the best soul-healing game with beautiful graphics. The images are beautiful, not too confusing, 2D images with sur tone, pastel colors are very cool to the eyes, bringing a peaceful, gentle and comfortable scene. Each scene is described in detail, dawn on the sea, moon and stars, under the blue sea are schools of fish swimming around.

Indeed, no matter how confused, entering this beautiful space feels so peaceful.

The space and time in the game are focused by the design team little by little, making the space lifelike, the scene simple, gentle but peaceful. Is it possible that the shadow of the moon shining down on the old boat, imprinted on the glittering waves of a golden pearl, soothed the old souls who were no longer interested in the luxurious monotonous life.

Eye-catching graphics help heal the player's soul

Not only the visual is excellent, but the listening part of Fishing Life should also be rated 10/10. This is what makes the game all the more interesting. The sound of fish swimming, the sound of sea waves whispering, the sound of the wind playing with the tops of the trees, the sound of birds flapping their wings, ... have created a scene that can be said that anyone who sees it will fall in love with the beauty. as beautiful as this young woman in her twenties.


Fishing Life is the gentlest, simplest process to heal wandering souls, bored with life as a repeating circle. Let this game bring you a whole new experience. Surely, at some point when playing this self-game, you will feel that this life will still have a lot of beautiful things hidden somewhere.

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