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NBA 2K20
App Name NBA 2K20
Genre Sports
Developer 2k Inc
Size 16.7MB
Latest Version 98.0.2
Mod info Free Shopping
Update September 19, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 is a basketball simulation game released by 2K Sports entertainment company. This game was released based on the professional basketball league in North America. This is the 20th installment in the NBA 2K franchise and an upgrade to the NBA 2K19.

Since its launch, the NBA 2K20 version has received a lot of positive feedback. This game has attracted nearly 20 thousand downloads after only 2 months of launch. And it quickly climbed to the top of the hottest simulation games today.

When starting to play the game, each person will be trained step by step in a very methodical way. In this game, there are detailed, specific instructions that are easy to understand to help newbies quickly access game operations in the easiest way. The game has a control mechanism, throwing the ball to score or cover the ball with your dominant hand, so the manipulations are easier.

When playing the NBA 2K20 version, gamers will not feel anxious. If you think you don't know anything about basketball or the game might be difficult to play, this version won't be a problem. Once you've passed the basic training, you can go one step further: build your own squad.


Experience being a professional basketball player with NBA 2K20

When first experiencing this game, gamers are only provided with a number of players with relatively low stats. Therefore, it is necessary to try to practice regularly, participate in competitions to accumulate as many gift cards and bonus points. After that, if I have a little more luck, it will help me gradually build my own dream team.

Download NBA 2K20 Mod Apk - Discover new and unique features

Unlike the old versions, NBA 2K20 has upgraded many features to serve the needs of players. Let's explore the new features of this update right below.

My Team Limited mode

This is a brand new mode that appeared in NBA 2K20. My Team Limited is a limited time mode that takes place every Saturday and Sunday, with new rules every weekend. This mode can find and collect Championship Rings on weekends during the tournament. From there gamers can earn a powerful card that makes all opponents jealous.


Outstanding features only available at NBA 2K20

Exchange feature 20

Exchange 20 is an upgrade from Exchange 19. This feature gives people the opportunity to exchange a number of cards. Cards that are no longer in use can be used against new cards. This can make the player the mainstay in the starting lineup.

Features Evolution Cards

Evolution Cards is back after being omitted in other versions and is better than ever. Players will now have more control over how evolution cards evolve as they level up. Gamers will be able to improve Shaq's rebounding to new heights thanks to this card.

Instructions on how to play NBA 2K20 in the simplest and easiest way

How to play NBA 2K20 is extremely simple. You just need to follow the following instructions to become a professional player.

How to build a squad

The basketball team consists of 5 positions corresponding to 5 players. They are: The defender dribbles, the defender scores, the auxiliary striker, the striker. Each player will have a different role, so gamers need to choose a player with a reasonable index in each position.

For example, a defender who scores points will of course need an excellent pitching index to score. The striker always needs to have outstanding height and high physical stats to easily defend.

To be able to play the game most effectively, it is essential to learn a certain amount of basketball to make the right choice. From there, build yourself a complete squad and invincible victory.


Learn the strengths of the players to build the squad

Every squad must have a key player. It is the heart, the soul of the squad and this player often has a special meaning. Leveling up can help a player improve his stats. As the stats increase, the player's ability is also enhanced.

Since basketball is a sport that requires unity, players should not just focus on upgrading a player. Make reasonable calculations, distribute upgrades appropriately to give the squad an overall strength for the whole team.

How to score effectively

Although NBA 2K20 has an easy-to-understand way of playing, how to effectively score points is not simple. Conditions to launch the ball phase with high accuracy, need to converge in a player many factors: Technique, bounce, shoes ...

And yet, the player's skill is only the initial condition. A sufficient condition is that gamers also need to have skills to handle situations skillfully, sensitively, and manipulate players flexibly. The combination of these two conditions gives the highest probability of winning.

Players should start the exercise by practicing ball strength from different positions. This is the step to stroke the force correctly and get used to the force of the ball. Players need to always try to practice, practice and learn from experience, ... just keep trying and victory will come to you.


Above is all information about the game NBA 2K20. Hope the above article will help you improve your understanding of this game. From there, there are moments of fun entertainment when playing the game.

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