Carrom Pool mod 6.2.1 Unlimited Coins/ Gems

Carrom Pool
App Name Carrom Pool
Genre Sports
Size 107.3Mb
Latest Version 6.2.1
Mod info Unlimited Coins/ Gems
Update September 28, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool, also known as finger billiards, is a series of games with simple gameplay. Smooth gaming feeling. Surely, this game will give gamers moments of entertainment and can be addictive.
This game is an entertainment product with the advantage of playing both online and offline modes. In the game, there are very fancy coins placed on the table. At this point, you have to use a black coin to shoot at other people. The player will win when he shoots all the coins into the hole.

Carrom Pool - Great finger billiards game

Besides, Carrom Pool includes many attractive matches with two simple game modes. In addition, when participating in the game experience, players can not only invite more friends to play with them. But also challenge the world's top gamers in the arena.

This game has simple gameplay, smooth physics and very realistic controls. The game plays a very good role to relieve stress at work for players. In addition, it also helps players to freely express their style in arena mode.

Download Carrom Pool mod apk - Explore the game world with exciting matches

Smooth operation in Carrom Pool game. Players can easily adjust their striker pieces to their liking. And there are many interesting things that only this game has, find out now!

The gameplay is simple but no less interesting

The gameplay is very simple

Carrom Pool offers very simple gameplay. On the board, there will be 9 white chess pieces, 9 black pieces and 1 red chess piece. The player's task is to use the Striker piece to shoot and put the remaining pieces into the 4 holes in the corner of the table.

Each player will shoot white or black chess pieces depending on the choice. When all 9 pieces are put into the hole, the player wins.

When aiming, there will be a ray line that outlines the direction the player is looking to go. This helps players adjust the angle and the direction of the shot easily and accurately.

When you are new to the game, this game will have detailed instructions. Help players quickly grasp and get used to the easy gameplay.

Types of chess pieces used by players in the game

When playing Carrom Pool, the piece that all gamers focus on the most is the Striker piece. It represents the player's personality as well as the level of that player. The game has a lot of beautiful striker pieces. With unique delicate drawings for players to choose from.

Different striker pieces will also have different firing power. When choosing a suitable Striker will support the player a lot. In the process of playing games and competing with heavyweights.

Carrom Pool game modes

There are many different game modes

In Play Carro mode, in addition to putting 9 pieces of the same color into the hole. Players will have to proceed to shoot more red chess pieces on the table. To win, the player is only allowed to bring down the red piece when he has brought all 8 pieces first. And there is only 1 red chess piece and 1 normal piece left.

Play Disc Pool mode, players will be facing other players everywhere. In this mode, the red flag has been removed. And each side only needs to put 9 pieces of the same color into the hole, the player will win.

Play Freestyle mode as the name implies, the player has the right to shoot all 19 pieces on the table. In this mode, points will be calculated so that the player can determine the winner or loser. Each piece with different colors will carry different scores.

Offline mode helps players can comfortably relax and compete with friends and relatives. There is nothing more interesting than just playing the game Carrom Pool. And just have fun moments with loved ones, right?

Super realistic built sound graphics

Carrom Pool with realistic detailed designed graphics. Make players feel like they are playing and having fun with the real Carrom table. The bringing of chess pieces with different beautiful colors and delicate textures. Also a huge plus point of this game.

The background music in the game has been removed almost to the maximum to create focus. As well as creating moments of intense, authentic competition for players. Instead, the sounds when the pieces collide or fall into the hole are designed very naturally. Create a realistic gaming feeling to players.


Carrom Pool with simple gameplay and well-built game space. This is a worthy game series to compare skills with friends and relatives. Don't forget to leave your comments below to share with everyone! Join now to enjoy the exciting game space!

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