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eFootball PES 2021
App Name eFootball PES 2021
Genre Sports
Developer Konami
Size 59.2Mb
Latest Version 7.4.2
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update March 23, 2023 (10 hours ago)

Description of eFootball PES 2021

Sports is a favorite game genre for many players. In which football is a subject that has been attracting a lot of attention from the football fan community as well as many gamers. Therefore, if you are a PES enthusiast, you should definitely not miss the eFootball PES 2021 version that once stormed. In this article, we will help you evaluate the details of this game!

The legendary PES game series has a new name, eFootball 2021. The publisher Konami has changed the name to eFootball because now this game is their pet will be available on all platforms with a mission to be bringing its vast virtual football world to a wider audience, everyone will be able to play PES.

eFootball PES 2021 mod apk android

eFootball PES 2021 - The leading soccer game of all time

At each match, players can choose whether they want to play against the machine or with other players to increase the drama of the game. The list of teams participating in this debut will be Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Juventus and Manchester United, Arsenal, Corinthians vs Flamengo, Sao Paulo, River Plate.

Currently in the 2021 version, the players on the field when moving, the ball is no longer as smooth and logical as in the previous version, if not somewhat heavy, slow and very often overcome by the opponent. any time. As for the goalkeeper, there will not be many great saves anymore and the rate of conceding is also higher than the previous version.

Download eFootball PES 2021 Mod Apk- Attractive interface and easy to attract players

Currently, the way to download the game is quite simple, so you do not need to worry. Here are the highlights of this game genre that you should know:

Beautiful standby screen

If you do not know, by 2021, the eFootball game series, also known as PES, has just turned 25 years old.

To celebrate this special occasion, publisher Konami added to the waiting screen a logo with the letter PES with the letter E stylized as a championship trophy and the two letters P and S representing the stylized 2 and 5 respectively. . Below is the words "Years Anniversary" combined with the word PES which will mean "Happy 25th Anniversary".

Simple main menu, easy to use

The main menu will include items: eFootball, Statistics, Kick off and Settings. Each entry will have a background image that alternates with two legends in the football world, Messi and Ronaldo, along with two young talents, Rashford and Davies.

The most authentic football experiences at eFootball PES 2021

eFootball PES 2021 mod apk

When playing eFootball PES, players will enjoy the feeling of playing very realistic football

eFootball PES uses the same console gameplay appreciated by experts when distilling the best of the football game series and bringing it to life like never before on people's mobile devices. play.

Besides, this game also has an exclusive partnership with AS Roma, so it is always full of events in the new Matchday mode, constantly updating players, clubs and leagues, etc.

When participating in eFootball PES 2021, players will be able to choose a real team consisting of officially licensed clubs from the upper echelons of European football; including FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Juventus and FC Bayern München, as well as new exclusive partners, AS Roma.

Players will face off against other players through local and online multiplayer matching. Then, when players have hone their skills, switch to eFootball mode to take on the world of Matchday and other exciting competitive eSports events.

Players will be completely immersed in fantasy desires such as signing various Legends to their own team, including D. BECKHAM, F. TOTTI, D. MARADONA and S. GERRARD, G. BATISTUTA, FERNANDO TORRES, K. ​​RUMMENIGGE.

eFootball the ultimate football game application

One thing you should know is the application's changes compared to previous years:

Number of people participating in the game

In the 2020 version, the maximum number of players in a match is only 4 people, but in the 2021 version, it has been increased to 8 online players at the same time divided equally into 2 factions. Since then, it has helped increase the connection and sharing between players or between players and their friends.

Number of stadiums of the game

If in the 2020 version, the number of stadiums in eFootball has 55 stadiums, by the 2021 version, it will only have 50 stadiums. But besides that, the detail of each stadium will increase a lot, getting closer and closer to their versions in real life.

Super cool scenes

Footage in eFootball PES 2021 will have different points from its 2020 predecessor as follows: the tunnel where players go to the field of play will have adjustments to match their version in real life, for example. added some other camera angles for players to have more perspectives, the players will have more trendy hairstyles,...

Other details remain the same, for example, the snow cover remains unchanged, only covering the stands, not the pitch, even though it is still snowing heavily outside.

eFootball PES 2021 mod

You can also customize the lineup to your liking


Above is all information about the current super hot eFootball PES 2021 football application. What are you waiting for without downloading the game right away to experience it. Wish you guys have a lot of fun experiences at this unique application!

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