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Drive Ahead!
App Name Drive Ahead!
Genre Race
Developer Dodreams Ltd.
Size 89.5MB
Latest Version 3.7.1
Mod info Free Craft
Update October 27, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Drive Ahead!

Drive Ahead! brings players an extremely new atmosphere, completely different from other racing games of the same genre. In fact, this is a fighting game with a series of different cars, fighting based on accidents, car collisions, crashing into an opponent's car and destroying it, ...

This game is very popular with the gaming community. This has been proven by its popularity in many countries and the number of downloads is very large, up to 50 million downloads, more than 1 million extremely positive reviews of players. It can be said that this is the most perfect racing game for speed and combat enthusiasts.

Released by Dodreams Ltd, Drive Ahead! has an eye-catching and unique pixel graphic design, besides, the sound is extremely attractive, corresponding to each action, each specific detail. This is one of the factors that help attract players to be extremely successful of this game.

Drive Ahead! mod apk android

With a car provided from the beginning, the player's task will be to control that car to collide, crash into other cars, so that the car is overturned, overturned, .... More skillful include the closer to victory.

Drive Ahead! There is a special difference compared to other racing games, that is, this game has no destination limit. Players do not need to compete on speed, but instead, crushing the opponent's car, toppling it, crashing into it is the top priority. Fight like a brave warrior to see who is the master of the track.

In addition, players need to flexibly use the combat mechanism in combination with collecting items on the way to add to their in-game assets. It will help you in the process of upgrading the vehicle's system and engine.

If you pay close attention, you can see that in the game Drive Ahead! There are a lot of spectators watching you during the battle. Cheers and cheers resounded throughout the sky. So, be confident, stay in shape to attack as much as possible to respond to the enthusiastic cheers of the audience in the stands.

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A game that has absolutely no pre-existing plot will certainly excite players. The player transforms into a racer participating in an arena. With the ambition to beat all to become the best player, using all skills, strength and cunning to overwhelm the game.

Drive Ahead! mod apk

Super simple gameplay

To control the car, touch on the screen to drag left or right, swipe up to make the car jump. In Drive Ahead!, the player's task will be to control his vehicle, be it a truck, a racing car, an off-road vehicle, even a tank to crush his opponents. Let's make the car so that it jumps up, dives into the opponent's car, or hits it directly, from the sides, ... to get 5 stars to win.

However, not every time you hit an opponent's car, you will get points. You need to master the speed of the car, besides you need to use driving skills, hold the steering wheel,... True speed is an advantage, however, it is not really important and also does not give you a sure victory in hand.

Some pitfalls are set to increase the difficulty of the game, such as exploding bombs or burning fires, which are easy to cause accidents. So, in addition to the main purpose of toppling the opponent's car, the player needs to avoid these traps.

Two unique game modes

First mode in Drive Ahead! is to overcome AI computer opponents aka single player mode. Playing against AI is quite difficult, can not dodge but must be confident and brave to rush into the opponent. Move wisely, dexterously, distract the AI ​​and find a way to topple the opponent's car. After completing and winning, valuable rewards will be returned to your hands.

And if you like more authentic interaction and challenges, PvP Arena is the mode made for you. Here, the system will randomly pair you with any player. Similar to the above mode, 2 players use their driving skills, under the cheers of the audience, fight to the best of their ability to win.

Drive Ahead! mod

Unlock luxury cars

At the beginning, the player will receive a very normal off-road vehicle, nothing outstanding. After winning the first games, getting some winnings as well as collected on the road, use it to buy nicer cars, better engines available in the Drive Ahead store!

Unlock your favorite cars, bring them to the garage and add them to your collection. The latest Mod Apk version will allow players to own for themselves an unlimited amount of vehicles and money, you will have more advantages to crush opponents.


Although there are no quality images, the pixel graphics have partly shown the uniqueness of the game. Drive Ahead! is a game with proud successes, becoming a game that has the support of a large number of gamers around the world.

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