Dr. Driving mod + apk 1.69 Unlimited Money

Dr. Driving
App Name Dr. Driving
Genre Race
Developer Sud Inc
Size 14MB
Latest Version 1.69
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 21, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Dr. Driving

You are a speed enthusiast and you really want to try your hand at games that show your car racing skills extremely well? Experience all kinds of sensations like driving a real car. Besides, are the car models designed and upgraded into luxury cars for themselves?

Driving on the road is also very dangerous if you are a person with weak steering. Therefore, Dr Driving was born to give players the most authentic car driving experience without endangering their own lives as well as others.

This is one of the car racing games. However, the note from the developer of this game wants to remind you that the Dr Driving game is a driving game, not a racing game as usual, but it will probably make you crazy. This game always brings a strong attraction because of its eye-catching 3D graphics, with countless levels that players can experience in this game.

dr driving mod apk android

Driving simulation game for those who want to show off their driving skills

Through this, players participating in the game will not only be entertained after school or extremely stressful working hours, but also can hone their ability to concentrate during the game. game. Here, players will definitely have moments of extremely relaxing, eye-catching experience when controlling their own car in a street-like space.

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Have you ever wondered what makes this game so popular? Here are the outstanding advantages only in this game that you can refer to:

Simple gameplay

Dr Driving is a game with extremely simple gameplay, but it offers an incredibly realistic car driving experience. For gamers who play car driving simulation games like this, they can't miss the games that are more and more similar to real life.

With this game, it is possible to completely meet all the criteria that you set because the in-game controller is completely similar to real-life cars such as gear lever, steering wheel, brake pedal ... and some other parts.

During the game play at different levels, to complete the task, the player should follow the instructions of the game to help the player win quickly and simply.

dr driving mod apk

How to play Dr Driving is very simple

Super sharp 3D visual effects

The effects and 3D images of this game are extremely visually stimulating for players. It makes players feel like they are immersed in the space of driving cars on the street through every detail through the small screen. When the player has conducted a hot start and can gradually adapt to the manipulation of his car, it will be very difficult for the player to resist the fun this game brings.

You can choose your viewing angle

Not only that, in this game, players can also actively choose for themselves different perspectives such as first-person or third-person perspective. Choosing the viewing angle that suits you best so that players can control cars more comfortably than ever. The viewing angle you choose will serve you even for your skills to overcome obstacles in the game.


dr. driving mod

And the most popular perspective is the first-person perspective, also known as FPP. This perspective brings the most realistic feeling to the player.

Various racing modes

Dr Driving offers many different modes for players to experience. From low speed basic driving mode to Super Speed ​​driving mode. In addition, the game publisher recommends that new gamers should try Mission Speed ​​mode.

In this mode, the player needs to move to the required location in a time allowed. Meanwhile, the player tries to control his car so that there is no collision with other cars on the road.

There are also many other interesting modes waiting for you, such as driving with friends, relatives, ...

Diversity of car models

The variety of countless car models as well as the upgrade of new cars will help this game conquer the most demanding gamers. Gamers when playing this game just need to pay attention to regular maintenance and repair so that their extremely good car is always durable and can ensure your adventures take place. as smooth as possible.


Above is all the information related to the game Dr Driving that players can refer to. Hopefully the above information will help you have the best experience when playing at this driving simulation game.

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