Super Car Simulator : Open World mod + apk 0.010 Unlimited Money

Super Car Simulator : Open World
App Name Super Car Simulator : Open World
Genre Race
Developer Pika App
Size 113.9MB
Latest Version 0.010
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 25, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Super Car Simulator : Open World

Super Car Simulator : Open World is a car racing game that includes a lot of new features. Therefore, many people have been attracted by what the game has to offer. The high ratings are constantly being given, so you can completely trust this game. Everything the player sees is beautifully painted.

Publisher Pika App has released the game to partly satisfy the excitement of racing enthusiasts of this subject. Players will be immersed in extremely dramatic competitions, this is where you can experience with many different attractive modes.

Super Car Simulator : Open World mod apk android

Surely what the game brings will help players open their eyes. The store here is extremely rich with a lot of smooth luxury racing cars that players can find. Grasp the steering wheel to twist in this exciting race. Do your best to not have any regrets. Step on the brakes and accelerate to be the first and win.

The gameplay of Super Car Simulator: Open World is considered quite simple. You just need to turn the steering wheel to the right, left, press the gas to be able to move forward, ... If you are a beginner, you need to practice more. If you want to reach glory at Super Car Simulator : Open World, keep honing your racing skills. Join the fiery race to compete with friends from all over the world.

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The game with extremely dramatic races

Super Car Simulator : Open World will be played in online mode, where you face real players around the world. You will compete with them on extremely risky roads, trying to confront and find the winner. However, this mode is still in development. Pika App said that they will perfect it by the time this game is officially launched.

In addition, players can participate in the game's newly opened mode. Because the scene in this mode is quite similar to the GTA series, players can drive around the city, cause chaos in the streets, race cars, or collide with other vehicles on the road. No rules, no police, no pressure and especially no one to manage you. However, an Internet connection is required to start the game.

Super Car Simulator : Open World mod apk

Feel free to show off your super parking talent

Known Super Car Simulator : Open World is a driving simulation game. It does not contain the racing elements along with the drama like Gameloft's Asphalt series, instead it contains elements related to the accuracy and technique of car control. This is very evident in Parking mode.

The goal in this mode is to steer the car to the parking spot without hitting anything on the road. Although the road to the finish line is quite short, it is quite narrow in terms of seemingly a lot of obstacles. Meanwhile, your car can be said to be quite strong. If you do not know how to control the speed of the car, you will hit the divider and that means the game will be over.

Moving slowly is the best way to overcome these difficult challenges. However, the game is limited in time, players will have to finish before that time. The faster you reach the finish line, the more bonuses the player will receive.

The other game modes are also extremely interesting

If you're confident in your car's control, enter the test mode with confidence. Here, you will have to complete a certain number of laps before time stops. You will move in the city, with a relatively complicated traffic situation. Various types of moving vehicles, narrow roads, sidewalks, power poles and other obstacles.

When playing at higher levels and higher stakes, the difficulty will be multiplied and the time for the challenge will be reduced. Can you control the car to dodge those obstacles to reach the finish line?

In addition, Super Car Simulator : Open World also has another mode that is Break. The goal in this mode is to collect items, they are arranged on a field that must be said to be quite tight. Players must use drift skills expertly to be able to collect all of them before time runs out.

Super Car Simulator : Open World mod

The car system is quite diverse

Super Car Simulator : Open World has dozens of car models for you to collect and use. You can verify them in the garage. Each type has a very corresponding selling price. Try to win races to get your favorite car. However, there are some premium models that require players to use real money to buy.

Besides appearance, each car also has indicators for speed, braking and drift. Thanks to that, you can choose a suitable vehicle to experience the corresponding game modes.

However, in this Mod version, players will have for themselves an unlimited garage as well as unlimited money. You can freely choose for yourself the best car and win at Super Car Simulator : Open World.


So the article has fully synthesized information about Super Car Simulator : Open World. Hope players get useful information and have a good time playing the game.

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