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Dream League Soccer 2022
App Name Dream League Soccer 2022
Genre Sports
Developer First Touch Games Ltd
Size 503.1MB
Latest Version 9.12
Mod info Menu
Update August 18, 2022 (18 hours ago)

Description of Dream League Soccer 2022

Reimagining attractive football matches is the biggest attraction of Dream League Soccer 2022. However, the gameplay of the game can be difficult for beginners. So, please refer to the detailed instructions below to play!

What is Dream League Soccer 2022?

Dream League Soccer 2022 is an online sports game published by First Touch Games Ltd which the birthplace of many interesting games.

Dream League Soccer 2022Why is Dream League Soccer 2022 so popular?

With a bunch of new animations and improved AI, you can personalize your trainer with a variety of hairstyle and outfit options. With the new graphics engine, now your dream team becomes more sparkling than ever. You can satisfy your passion for the ball right on your computer screen.

Continuation of updates in previous seasons. Dream League Soccer in 2022 really brings an impressive game in terms of sight and hearing. And formation of the dream team with the best players has never been so easy. With modern updates, the game will surely make you fall in love with it.

Dream League Soccer 2021 is also a notable version released earlier. Combined with improved 3D graphics and AI technology. Create realistic images and effects. Therefore, players are free to choose to create their own team, participate in online mode.

Download Dream League Soccer 2022 mod apk - Explore the game modes

Find out the rich game modes of Dream League Soccer right here. Surely you will find a game mode that suits you.

Exhibition mode

Exhibition mode is basically brothers play offline and compete with friends. There's not much to exploit while playing offline. But it will be useful for you when you just start playing because it helps you get used to the controls and the information of the game.
The lineup will default to 4-4-2 and the other lineup unlocked is 4-1-2-1-2. Friendly matches with friends are a great place for brothers to compete together. And have the opportunity to show off many of your skills with Dream League Soccer 2022.

dream league soccer 2022 mod

Possess competitive gameplay and tactics

Career game mode

Top players from all over the world compete against each other across 8 tournaments. New players should focus mainly on the development of career mode. Complete each part of the career mode to earn Season Points and in-game currency.

Dream League Live Game Mode

Dream League Soccer 2022 Live is a playground to compete with other online players. You will be rewarded with Gems based on your achievements. And will reflect on the weekly chart.
Leaderboard will start again every week so focus on ranking up at the end of the week. The Special Cup event offers a variety of rewards in Dream League Soccer based on a player's knockout performance.

Tips when playing dream league soccer

You should know that free kicks are very dangerous in Dream League Soccer 2022. Corners, penalties, fouls are all great ways to score. Discover more with the effective gameplay of the game!

Aim with long shots

Certainly one of the hardest things to master when playing DLS is the ability to score goals. But actually it is not difficult to score because there is also an invisible support which help palyers get the ball towards the net.
The hardest thing is when you want to knock down the goalkeeper and put the box in the corner or in the corner. Just try to kick from outside the box accompanied by a technical player with a highly rated shot.

Accomplish daily goals

Dream League Soccer 2022 requires you to complete daily goals. To return a certain amount of coins. Besides the daily goals, you also have fixed tasks.
Example: The task of scoring a certain number of goals. Or the goal of how many consecutive matches won. It's a fun way to challenge yourself and still make a profit in the game.

Regularly training and upgrade your players

Please control your finances well and try not to spend too much to buy players. You can improve the physical, technical, defensive aspects. Improved attacking attributes and even goalkeeper for better team quality.

download Dream League Soccer 2022 Making tactics and upgrading players makes the game even more attractive

Use a dribbler on the wing

Using a player with good dribbling properties will help you easily defeat your opponent. That also creates space to score by crossing into the penalty area. And shoot or cross the ball to the attacker to score in Dream League Soccer 2022.

Some Points that You Need to Be Careful

In case a player is injured, select a substitute to play a few matches. That would reduce the cost of healing and possibly save resources.
No need to hire a trainer unnecessarily for training. It makes no sense to train underrated players. If they are not your dream team.
Regularly watch ads daily collect a lot of in-game resources.


In addition to the exciting live football matches. Dream League Soccer 2022 has brought a multi-dimensional football entertainment space for you. If you are a loyal fan of king sport, do not miss the opportunity to entertain with this game. Make sure this is the wisest decision you've ever made.

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