Avakin Life mod 1.070.01 Unlimited Money/XP Boost

Avakin Life
App Name Avakin Life
Genre Simulation
Developer Lockwood Publishing Ltd
Size 109M
Latest Version 1.070.01
Mod info Unlimited Money/XP Boost
Update October 22, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Avakin Life

Avakin Life is a simulation game about life around. However, life in this game is not like in real life. It is a life without limits, a virtual universe connecting people from all over the world so that everyone can exchange and experience.

From 2014 onwards, there has been a trend of simulation games. Simulation is something that experiences something that is closely related to reality. Players can follow that process and get a real experience.

Anyone know anything about Miga Town My World? The game is also a simulation-themed game that helps players explore real life, not this series is only for childhood.

Avakin Life - Extremely realistic life description game

Following that style of play, Avakin Life is similar when it takes players to participate in the virtual space environment. What players are experiencing before their eyes, everything is fully in the game. And attractively, players are free to do what they like without fear of being banned.

Of course, there are some rules of their own and players must accept if they want to have a fulfilling life. By exploiting that simple simulation gameplay, the game received more than 10 million downloads after only 6 years of operation (launched in 2016). That said, this Avakin Life is still evolving in the future. Because it brings an experience that players have never tried before.

Download Avakin Life Mod Apk- Explore the interesting world around life

This is an extremely new and interesting world, let's discover what this game is so attractive:

Make your mark in a virtual world

Freedom to design your own dream home

Before setting foot in the dream world, players will perform the process of creating copies. This replica of the player portrait in this virtual world, of course the player himself, is still something separate.

Avakin Life allows gamers to choose the type of person they want to create. Skin color, hair color, physical appearance or countless other details help others identify the player. Customize according to your own wishes, almost this stage takes the most time of the player. Adjusting 7749 times is sometimes not satisfactory, for those who are meticulous, it is normal to spend a whole day at this step.

Character customization includes hundreds of different unique costumes, all kinds of accessories. But at this step, the game only supports basic, so if you want to own it, you have to go to work.

Job opportunity

The Avakin Life environment is like a copy of the current world in real life. People here live not by "emotional", but mainly by finance. The game also doesn't come up from the infancy stage or anything, integrating into the world is that you are already an adult.

Based on that, find yourself a stable job, a job that helps gamers have a source of income. Modeling a coffee shop, serving a restaurant or far away are other attractive office jobs. A lot if players work hard to learn, and then gradually improve the quality of work.

Having a job means players will have a stable source of income. Accumulate a little more than enough players to buy yourself beautiful costumes, buy yourself an expensive car or even buy a luxury apartment.

But I said before that to get such results, gamers have to spend a lot of time. However Avakin Life Mod can support the player's money without having to work hard!

Both work and play

After a tiring working day, it's time to relax. Bustling life in this virtual world, players can find anywhere at night. Although there are many ways to relax, the young people here are all moving around. They see this as a traditional form of entertainment.

Accordingly, players will gather a group of close friends. Go to a suitable bar and dance hard, along with a tight music mode, the crowd is crowded with cheers from the MC. Make sure players will not beat the stress of life without respect.

In addition, players can relax by shopping, many large commercial centers in the game. Even people sometimes go all night and still not finish.

Is Avakin Life really as interesting as rumored?

The game also helps players connect with more friends

This is a 3D simulation game, so its context and graphics are always extremely carefully invested. The colors of the game bring the colors of modern life like real life. Simple operations help players to easily explore and experience life in the game much more easily and interestingly.

The sound system of the game Avakin Life is also elaborated by the publisher from the waiting sound to the sound when manipulating. In this game, the sound system is lively, fun and vibrant, showing a free, comfortable life without limits.


Through the above comments, it is enough to see that the game Avakin Life is meticulously elaborated and invested. To experience the game to the fullest, gamers should quickly download the game so that you can easily follow the game's new events.

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