Project QT mod 13.0 Unlocked Character/Free Skill

Project QT
App Name Project QT
Genre Simulation
Developer Nutaku Studio
Size 79.2MB
Latest Version 13.0
Mod info Unlocked Character/Free Skill
Update November 23, 2022 (5 days ago)

Description of Project QT

Project QT is a series of turn-based combat games with an element of three. Where gamers and glamorous girls fight against a strange virus. Gamers will spend time looking for suitable characters with diverse powers. At the same time, the character system comes with a counterattack system when the elements interact with each other.

So this is a game that you won't be able to ignore. Especially playing with girls with beautiful appearance.


Project QT - Fight side by side with hot girls

During Project QT's Halloween event, players will have a chance to summon Scarlett. So this is your chance to use your resources to summon her. Aim to participate in impressive battles.

The game also offers specific promotions. Such as packages or gifts that deserve attention. Sent in the mailbox for the duration of the event. It will definitely increase the chances of summoning Scarlett.

The world that you experience in the game is set in a distant time. There is no peaceful time but is threatened by forces from another dimension. From a portal from another dimension, the virus was finally able to reach the present world. And cause very bad damage to the human world.

So the only way to solve this problem is to join the girls. With the power to fight against entities from other dimensions.

Download Project QT mod apk - Simple game but highly creative

Project QT is the most innovative game at the moment. Because it combines exciting action-adventure elements. And puzzles are combined to create completely new gameplay. To interact with different characters, allowing players to control the character more easily. And can develop skills when the corresponding conditions are met.

In addition, the game also owns many different mechanisms and systems. And players can freely explore them while enjoying the game. Only when not participating can players not enjoy this wonderful game world. So don't hesitate and get started right away!

Discover the creative points that make a perfect Project QT

In the debates, the muscular girls out there are honing their skills. By practicing absolute and displaying powerful skills in battle. Let's discover more interesting things of this game!

Amazingly unique graphics and gameplay


Extremely unique graphics and gameplay

Project QT has attractive graphics that will make your gaming experience more immersive. Beautiful girls look attractive with amazing HD pixels. To the point that players will spend hours ingame without even knowing it.

In the game, the experiencer can manually choose a team of great girls. To join the fight to reverse the harmful spread of disease around the world.

Moreover, the lively sound created a more cheerful mood. The whole atmosphere becomes very friendly.

Fun connection mode

Project QT offers an opportunity to make new friends on multiplayer so the player can talk to a lost stranger. Impress them with no communication skills required. The game has an official community with over 100K members.

Flirt and gossip with anyone in the community and invite to events. If successful in bringing good fun in the event. Players will actually have a new lifelong friend.

Multiple game modes with epic storyline

The important thing about the game Project QT is that the player must have a good understanding of the modes and chapters. There are two common game modes, normal game mode and hard mode. To become a member of the hard mode, the player needs to complete all the missions of the normal mode first.

Will need at least three stars for each level. And to get three stars is not an easy task. So for great support, Project QT will support and be open to all players.

When the player is looking for a bonus chest. To receive the bonus chest, a minimum of one hundred stars is required. Moreover, with the epic plot, the players understand it easily. All 22 chapters of the game are filled with an exciting and thrilling journey. So go with it and get on with it.


Do not hesitate to download and experience it now!!!


Project QT is the perfect combination of RPG, adventure and puzzle game. To give players a completely new gameplay. Moreover, the girls are the entertainment factor and bring the most impressive moments. Hurry up to join so you don't miss many interesting moments!

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