Days After mod 9.5.2 Immortality/Max Durability

Days After
App Name Days After
Genre Simulation
Size 139.6Mb
Latest Version 9.5.2
Mod info Immortality/Max Durability
Update October 24, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Days After

Days After is a survival simulation game with the theme of life after the zombie apocalypse. The game is produced by the developer REACT GAMES STUDIO. Players must find a way to survive in a world full of enemies and dangers. With only a gun in hand, do you think you will survive to the end?

Days After, with its intro, threatens the player with "From now on, your life is all survival". Next, you will be able to choose a character according to your preferences. For example, gender, shape,... Then in the main screen you will receive the tasks that need to be completed. When you complete the task, there will be statistics on how many percent of the task is done in the left corner of the screen. The right side is your map, items and weapons.

When you first step into this game world, what you need to do is find and collect items to build a house, as a safe haven between the dangerous world around. However, in the process of building a house, you also need to observe the surrounding, in case of the arrival of zombies.

With a gun in hand, can you survive to the end?

Each level in the game is calculated by day. With the first day, the task of building a house, you already have small things to do in that task, including finding a place to build a house, finding a hammer, finding wood, leather bags, lighting a fire,...Although it is only the first day. But the work you have to do is also quite a lot, in the following days, the amount of work will increase by level. Besides, the name of the level is set quite interestingly (Day 1: New day new house, Day 2: Little man in Big world,...).

Download Days After Mod APK – Experience the character in the harsh survival life

The context in the game is opened in a dark period. A strange virus strain appeared and turned humans into zombies. The speed of the virus spreading was so fast that it was destructive, mummies of people appeared everywhere. The character in the game is one of the lucky ones alive.

However, to live in the middle of a zombie forest like this is not really lucky. Entering the game, you will be playing the role of a character, you must find a way to survive to the end and save your girlfriend. The future will be a difficult life for you, you have to face the danger around you lurking.

In addition to the difficulty of fighting zombies, you also encounter a lack of food, food, and water. Your fight for survival is getting more and more difficult.

Download the app apk mod version you will get the following special features:

  • God mode
  • Max durability

Build a house as a safe haven

It's hard to fight this dangerous world

After entering the world of Days After, players will receive the first task of building houses. You must quickly collect items to build a house, find a hammer, ... to be able to build a solid house. This is important because around you there are many dangers. In the process of building a house, you also need to pay attention, observe around, avoid being suddenly attacked by zombies without your knowledge.

Your enemies are not only zombies but also wild animals. You never know when it will attack you. In addition to the task of building a house, you have many other tasks to perform. For example, you have to find wood, create combat weapons, use tree trunks to make rudimentary weapons. Although the damage of the weapons is not high, it also helps you somewhat in the process of survival.

Day 1 in the game Days After

Explore new lands to survive

Each level in the game will be increased by the number of days. You don't just have to do one task every day. In that one task, there will be different small tasks, after you complete all the sub-tasks, then you will complete the task. Stepping into the first day in this game world, you can also see that in addition to the task of building a house, Days After also indicates other tasks you need to do is to find wood, materials to make combat weapons, ...

Every day you enter the game, the task that you have to do will increase with the level. Not only fighting with zombies, with wild animals, you also have to fight with your humans. Finding food, food is really a difficult thing.

You need to keep yourself a clear mind and a healthy energy to survive to the end.

Facing zombies and wild animals

As your range expands, so does your danger. In addition to fighting zombies hungry for human blood, you also need to defend and watch out for wild animals in the forest. Day by day they come more and more and are attracted to the food in your house. You must develop a plan and method to be able to fight against zombies and wild animals. Sometimes you are attacked by them and death is very close to you.


Above is the information about Days After mod apk version. Hope you will have a great experience when stepping into the game world. Experiencing survival in the game is really a thing to try.

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