Discord mod 1161.5 Optimized

App Name Discord
Genre Simulation
Developer Discord Inc.
Size 112.1Mb
Latest Version 1161.5
Mod info Optimized
Update January 18, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Discord

Discord Mod is a convenient communication application on mobile phones helping users communicate with each other easily and for free via audio calls, video calls, or text messages. Launched in 2015, this app was only for gamers, but later Discord has become a communication tool for a great number of people working in many different fields. Currently, the product of DIscord Inc publisher has been loved and trustly used by more than 400 million people.


A free communication application on mobile phone

The technology is more and more developed, so it has brought lots of useful applications to users, and one of them which cannot be ignored is Discord. This communication app connects people together to meet the exchanging, learning, and work demands. The app has several features similar to Discord Zoom and Messenger but is more highly optimized, so it is more and more supported by users.

Communicating in many ways

Discord makes it easier for everyone to keep in touch in many different ways such as texting, audio calling, and video calling,... This application operates in a way that creates a server, including at least 2 people chatting with each other. If you want to add people, just add them there. This app doesn’t limit the number of members joining in the chat room. 


During a group chat, if you want to chat privately with any member, set a new room and add that person's nick. The application also assigns the roles of team members for easier management. Each role in the group is displayed with an icon in different colors for easy identification such as manager, president, vice president, or team leader...

Adjusting call volume and noise cancellation

When making video calls, the app allows users to adjust the call volume of some members to bring pleasantness to the conversation, even they can turn off the mic of some members so that they won’t hear the exchange content if it isn’t necessary. What’s more, the app also has the noise cancellation feature if users are chatting in noisy places such as parks, coffee shops, and public places,... so that the call will have stable and steady sound quality.

Diversified static and animated images on messages

Discord is a communication tool that gets users’ great attention thanks to several outstanding features. It should be mentioned about an eye-catching static and animated image store which is constantly updated for everyone to send pieces of message in a more lively and attractive way. 

Personalizing the conversation

Discord mod face is a wonderful application as it has the personalizing feature, helping everyone have more fun and refreshing conversation. You can choose your background and change the color for your group chat, customize the message font size, and so on.

Choosing your favorite community to chat

The Discord application has many servers for you to join the chat. Each server will bring together a group of people who have the same interests. Therefore, you can choose a suitable server for you to start a meeting, and make friends from all over the world. 

Easy account registration

One of the reasons why Discord possesses a huge user community is thanks to the easy, convenient account registration without requiring information or diffuse verification. Just take a few seconds typing your nickname, email, and password, you’ll have an account of this application to freely communicate without having to pay any fee.  

Other features

  • With the Music Bot feature, Discord allows users to play their favorite songs for everyone in the group can enjoy together. The songs are mainly taken from YouTube and Spotify.
  • Users can live-stream or share their screen while chatting, and discussing together.
  • This app has a group and server sharing feature. Therefore, those who receive the invitation link just need to click to join the group chat instead of searching for it.
  • The leader of a group chat has the right to block directly those who are inappropriate or have extreme behaviors.
  • Discord is linked with other well-known social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and some famous gaming community like
  • League of Legends, and PUBG. Therefore, everyone will easily find each other to create groups on this app.

Smart interface

Discord Mod apk is designed with a user-friendly interface. The features on this app are displayed intuitively, scientifically, and logically on the screen for everyone to approach easily. Anyone can use this app proficiently within a few minutes of learning. Currently, on the market, there are many applications for you to chat, but if bearing in it a high flexibility, easy-to-use, and compatible with many devices, Discord is always the best choice. Let’s install this application to your mobile phone right now to chat without inhibition!

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