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Traffic Rider
App Name Traffic Rider
Genre Race
Developer Soner Kara
Size 141.3Mb
Latest Version 1.95
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 11, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a thrilling, dramatic and extremely attractive racing game. This speed game requires players to have as much patience and concentration as possible. This is not only a playground for high-low speed competition, but also a game to help train reflexes, increase agility to avoid vehicles.

It can be said that this game is really very successful. The great success of this game has been demonstrated by the fact that up to now, Traffic Rider has earned more than 100 million downloads, a huge number. Therefore, its revenue for Soner Kara - the publisher of the game - is not small.

The quality of the game is also reflected in 5-star reviews. An extremely stimulating entertainment game, carefully designed like Traffic Rider, the attraction is extremely large.


Traffic Rider - The game for those who are passionate about speed

Belonging to the racing genre, the game is suitable for those who are passionate about cars and speed enthusiasts. This game received a lot of favor from players. Fast, accurate and professional are definitely the best words to say about this game.

Traffic Rider has many difficult races that players need to overcome. However, the more difficult, the more attractive and attractive, right? The system and control mechanism of this game are very smooth, without lag, ensuring the most complete racing tracks.

Traffic Rider is a free game, and the only thing to do is watch ads to support the publisher, it will not take too much time and will not affect the race. Top notch graphics make the game even more attractive.

Download Traffic Rider Mod Apk - Enjoy the speed race

To have such success, surely, the publisher has invested in the game a lot. So, where does this game attract players?

Become a true backpacker

If you are an enthusiast of trips but do not have the conditions, then Traffic Rider will bring that to you. This game will give players a great experience on expensive and luxurious large displacement cars. When playing, gamers will have to show their skills to be able to overcome dangerous roads.

Starting the game, gamers will receive a motorcycle that doesn't seem very new, and its speed is only 100km/h. This is the level to start getting used to and practice driving. Players will have to control the car to achieve the highest possible speed, but also have to watch to avoid other cars on the road. Completed when the milestone set by Traffic Rider has been reached.

After completing each track, you will receive a certain amount of reward. Players note that this amount of money received is the amount to change to another luxury, fine, smooth motorcycle. However, the price of these motorcycles is quite "expensive", so it is necessary to accumulate this amount.

Each level will have a completion milestone. Passing this milestone will have a G icon, nothing is showing that the lap is running and the padlock is a race that has not yet opened the mission. Note, must complete this lap to proceed to open another lap.

Overcoming the harsh race

Overcoming extremely tough races

The experience at Traffic Rider will be extremely enjoyable and lifelike. Because, the game has a racing system, turning the player into a "racing monster, a war god, a speed destroyer". Above the screen, there will be 2 virtual throttles to control the car, everything from turning the throttle slightly, using the brake or slowing down is extremely elaborately designed.

How to make the motorcycle run as fast as possible, but also to avoid it to be safe, because if it collides, it will also lose. In addition, night or rain will also affect running speed and the roads will become more difficult.

Has super quality 3D graphics

The Traffic Rider game design team worked extremely professionally when the 3D graphics were extremely realistic and vivid. Players seem to be able to step into this dramatic racing world. The elements of space and time such as clouds, rain, highways, cars on the road, at night, ... are designed as in real life.

The sound will accompany each visual effect, such as the throttle sound, the wind whistling, ... The sound is so realistic that it feels like you are racing.

Various racing modes

There are 4 modes in Traffic Rider for players to choose from, not afraid of boredom, which are:

  • Normal mode: Perform many tasks with a wide map system, many tricky roads.
  • Endless mode is a mode with a long track with no stops, and only when you fall will you finish, can customize the difficulty accordingly.
  • Free driving mode allows driving alone, the road is extremely wide and clear.
  • Time racing mode is meant to calculate the fastest time when racing.

Join and experience the coolest moto lineup available at Traffic Rider!


Traffic Rider is an extremely attractive game, suitable for both entertainment and skill training of players. Coming to this game is coming to the world of drama, suspense and attraction. Please download this game if you like it, it will be very interesting for sure.

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