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Rebel Racing
App Name Rebel Racing
Genre Race
Developer Hutch Games
Size 580.0Mb
Latest Version OBB 22.01.18250
Mod info MOD Menu
Update March 23, 2023 (21 hours ago)

Description of Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is one of the most popular racing games known to many players today. With an interesting racing system, along with an extremely attractive racing game style, this game has been rated by many players as the hottest racing game in 2022.

Rebel Racing is one of the products of Hutch Game, owning a large number of racing cars up to hundreds of models. The cars are designed from the famous luxury supercars on the market today. More specifically, gamers can freely adjust the cars to their liking.

Rebel Racing mod apk android

In addition, the competitive game style continuously brings many surprises and drama in every race. The speed of the track in this game is considered to be quite high. Adjusting the speed by simply flicking the speed lever, besides that, in combination with throttle and brake adjustment.

Coming to Rebel Racing promises to be one of the most interesting experiences for you. You will have the opportunity to experience unlimited speed. Players are free to express their passion and they are the ones who hold the role of the best silk drivers.

The game has amazing outstanding dynamic features that will leave you feeling scared, chilled, and even hair-raising. Enjoy one-of-a-kind racing locations and fine luxury supercars. Let's learn about the highlights of this game.

Download Rebel Racing Mod Apk – Conquer all races with super cars

Enter the dramatic race tracks and challenge the players. Will you be able to get over it? Let's try yourself once with Rebel Racing. This is a game that opens up quite quality racing tracks.

You will be the driver of the car, conquer all roads and move professionally. All roads will be very easy for you. Overcoming other opponents Rebel Racing will work with you to create the highest scores and you are the winner.

Rebel Racing mod apk

Endless warehouse of super cars

This is one of the wishes of many players. Join the game Rebel Racing, you will be the owner of many luxury cars. The supercars are many with diverse and unique colors. Isn't this a great thing? In this Mod Apk version, there will be a series of famous branded cars that many people want to own.

The cars are super quality and capture the spotlight of many people. All the cars available in this game, are the top famous cars in the world. Players will be free to choose the type of vehicle they like to participate in the game.

Because the inventory of vehicles in your account has been Modified up to unlimited, players can freely change and upgrade vehicles at will.

Advanced upgrade mode

If you are looking for a tool, quickly come to the Shop, which may have all that you lack. If you need to upgrade or buy replacement tools, go to Upgrade on the screen. Here you can upgrade a number of things like exhaust, wheels, engine, nitro capacity and many more.

When participating in playing Rebel Racing, you should regularly upgrade the car, because if the upgrade is higher, the car will operate with a very high performance and it will help you win higher. In addition, you can also design and redecorate your car, such as repainting the paint or decor to have a more beautiful car.

Race track with many different challenges

When starting to participate in the game, the player's task is to immerse himself in the quality racing tracks of the game. You will participate in racing with many different opponents, try your best to overcome all obstacles to reach the finish line fastest and win.

Rebel Racing mod

In addition, there are many race tracks that make it difficult for players, try your best, focus on overcoming all obstacles. Everything brought on the track will be a challenge for the player.

Quality graphic design

It can be seen that on the market today there are many racing game genres that do not have quality graphics, always making many players feel bored. But coming to the game Rebel Racing is another level, with a thoughtful and professional design team.

Models of maps, vehicles, weather, and surrounding landscapes are designed to help players feel eye-catching and realistic, like in real life. Give players a lot of new feelings and enjoy playing the game.


Above is all the most detailed information about the game Rebel Racing, which is a thrilling racing game and has super dramatic Drift phases. Coming to this racing game, players unleash their passion with high speed. Quickly join the game to have the best experience moments and win big for yourself.

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