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Bikes Hill
App Name Bikes Hill
Genre Race
Developer Voodoo
Size 71.9MB
Latest Version 2.3.1
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update November 16, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Bikes Hill

Bikes Hill is a fairly new mountain bike control game that has just been released. This is a thrilling and exciting adventure, players will immerse themselves in picturesque racing tracks, but you also have to complete missions and overcome many challenges.

The graphic design in the game is extremely sophisticated, along with there will be many different levels for gamers to conquer. Not only brings a feeling of thrill and excitement, but also brings a lot of joy every day.

Bikes Hill Mod Apk Android

Bikes Hill is similar to other games from the manufacturer VOODOO with the simplicity of both gameplay and content but very entertaining. This is a game for those who are passionate about adventure and speed on bicycles. Players will accompany their bicycles to overcome extremely dangerous mountainous terrains, watching the scenery of heaven and earth while flying in the sky.

Everyone has to control their character to ride a bicycle through the racetrack with many continuous up and down slopes. You may end up walking on the beach or even in the desert with a lot of obstacles on the way. The design team has launched many beautiful racing tracks, the view of the sea, white clouds... beautiful and captivating.

Everyone will be able to comfortably control the car and show their skillful skills, not only that, but players will also have to compete with the riders next to them. Let's learn all about Bikes Hill through our following article!

Download Bikes Hill Mod Apk - Experience many exciting and dreamlike racing tracks

Bikes Hill is stirring up the market today because of many attractive things in the game. Why is it so popular?

How to play is very easy to understand

Bikes Hill uses a simple game method, easy to join. If you want to control the car to go forward, just press and hold on the screen, the car will bend down and run. When the car is fast, people stop touching it so that the car can freely fly overhead.

The winner is not the one who finishes first, but the one who can fly the farthest. At the end of the road there will be a steep and vertical ramp. You will use this slope to help the car fly higher and farther to win the highest position.

Each distance you gain will correspond to the amount of experience gained after each race. On the track there is a lot of gold and your task is to collect enough gold to get a new bike with a unique and cool accompanying character.

Sound and graphics are extremely realistic and vivid

The 3D graphics and the very rugged mountain scenery is a very real challenge that everyone can conquer. When going to a certain height, you will be covered by a few large clouds. At this time, remember to pay attention to not be "falling face down". In addition, on the back of the bike, there are also very eye-catching sliding effects, feeling like the car is attached to a Nitro rocket.

The appearance of the character and the bike is also very unique design, including many rich styles such as fireman, street, old man, ... Bikes Hill is made up of many fresh colors to help You guys have the clearest view in the game. But the game does not really have the right sound for the player.

Various types of vehicles at Bikes Hill

To make the game more attractive, players can now experience many new gameplay of hill racing and many types of bicycles available to play with. Feel free to step into any of your favorite vehicles in the game, each with its own dramatic experience.

Try different stunts and perform ultimate skills on your bike make your downhill racing game fun even more. Not only that, players also have the opportunity to own an extremely battle bike store when downloading Bikes Hill Mod Apk version to their device.

Many exciting racing maps

With Bikes Hill, riders can also enjoy great rides through a variety of map settings and dramatic tracks and terrain. Immerse yourself in thrilling racing with treacherous hills, cotton candy-like clouds to explore as you fly, and collect tons of coins as you successfully complete certain obstacles.

Many levels from easy to difficult for everyone to choose

In addition to making the gameplay of the racing game in Bikes Hill more attractive, gamers can freely choose the appropriate levels to experience. Here, players can choose between different levels that allow you to have dramatic and thrilling games with other racers.

Enjoy the fun with many amazing racing levels, each with a fresh setting and excellent in-game features. And most worth mentioning, the increasing difficulty level will allow players to enjoy to the fullest.


In the above article, we have introduced all details about Bikes Hill. Hope the above information will be useful to you. Wish gamers have moments of memorable experience to satisfy their passion.

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