Real Racing 3 mod + apk 11.1.1 - for North America Money/Gold

Real Racing 3
App Name Real Racing 3
Genre Race
Developer Electronic Arts
Size 54.6Mb
Latest Version 11.1.1 - for North America
Mod info Money/Gold
Update February 01, 2023 (1 days ago)

Description of Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is the number one racing game in the world. Super cars with speeds up to more than 200km/h, extremely luxurious and expensive are always the desire of many speed enthusiasts. However, to own the race gods requires a lot of money.

Therefore, to meet the needs of those who love racing. The birth of the game Real Racing 3 is the best solution when players do not have a lot of money but still want to "pocket".

The game allows users to comfortably experience racing anytime, anywhere. In particular, there is a point where the game is different from previous racing games. That is being allowed to play racing anytime, anywhere even when offline. This is the latest innovative feature Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) exclusive to Real Racing.

Besides, the game also supports interaction and making friends, more exchanges. Events held in the game all offer full interactivity. Therefore, players can connect with many other gamers around the world.


Delight yourself with the super cars at Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is EA's most authentic racing game. Of course, it's completely free on iOS and Android platforms. Although released for a long time, the publisher always tries to release new, more complete and attractive updates.

If you are a racing lover, passionate about speed. Or fall in love with supercars with sophisticated and gorgeous graphics and famous music. This game is the best choice.

Download Real Racing 3 Mod Apk - Interesting game, easy to race

Real Racing 3 has a similar gameplay to the racing games of the same type and is quite simple. The time of each lap is quite short, so it is very suitable for stress relief.

Simple mission: race, race and race

The main task in the game is racing, racing and racing. Players must try to control the car smoothly to pass the race track. Use by tilting the phone in the direction you want the car to go. Use all your ingenuity to bring the supercar to the finish line first.

Huge number of cars to serve for racing games

The number of cars in the game must be said to be countless, uncountable. Up to the present time, the game owns hundreds of different vehicles. From popular cars to high-end racing cars. Each type of vehicle will have its own power. Therefore, to win, please coordinate the operations smoothly.

However, Real Racing 3 also has terrible cars that cannot be obtained for free. Players can buy them with in-game currency, Gold and R$. Earn money by working hard to shop or wait for discount promotions to save costs.

Great Features

In a series of racing games, Real Racing 3 is confirmed by the grave world as the "king" of this genre. The game offers outstanding features and advantages. From cars, characters to graphics, the context is extremely high quality and attractive.

Impressive realistic graphics

Real Racing 3 is highly appreciated in graphic design. It must be said that the images in the game are incredibly surreal. Game makers with technology have eliminated the gaudy effects that are difficult to see.

Besides, the movements or impact effects are made based on real simulation. Every action of the car and the character is extremely realistic and vivid.

Summary of the latest and most luxurious supercar models

Real Racing 3 can be said to have synthesized all the latest and best supercar models. Famous car brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Dodge or Audi all have them.

The game has a total of more than 45 high-class cars with 22 challenging races. Players are free to show off their skillful driving skills.


All kinds of supercars with extremely realistic designs

Realistic racing to every moment

In the latest version of this series, the racers are forced to compete with their own strength. Because, most opponents play in a safe defense method. Therefore, they will minimize the collision or fight with each other.

If you fall into the case of reckless driving and hit an obstacle or barrier. Surely your car will be damaged and need to be repaired and maintained. Therefore, be clever in racing to avoid damage as well as reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Filled with challenging races

In addition to possessing high-class "horses", the game also has modern racing circuits. Famous racing locations such as Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Mazda Raceway, or Hockenheimring, …

All for the purpose of serving players the most exciting and refreshing racing games.


Racing cars for real people

True opponent

Most especially, Real Racing 3 has upgraded the global friend feature. New versions are constantly updated, increasing comprehensive interoperability. Players can connect with friends on Facebook and easily choose racing opponents.


Dubbed the "king" in the speed game village, Real Racing 3 will definitely bring the best experience. Those are seconds



What are the configuration requirements of the game?

It requires devices running Android 4.1 and above.

What is the price of the In-app items?

Their prices are from $0.99 - $99.99 per item.

What language does this game support?

It only has English.

Tính năng MOD là gì?

Phiên bản MOD được trang bị tính năng vô hạn tiền và vàng.

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