Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 Mod mod 1.2

Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 Mod
App Name Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 Mod
Developer M.Star7GameX
Size 10.2MB
Latest Version 1.2
Update August 01, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 Mod

Poppy Playtime: chapter 2 is a popular horror game released by Mob Games Studio. The gameplay attracts players by its bright colors, and in the first-person perspective. During the gameplay, the player is will take the role as the main character in the game hiding from monsters. If you are looking for a horror game that requires critical thinking, intense chases, and tension, you should definitely not miss this game, Poppy Playtime : Chapter 2.

Poppy Playtime: chapter 2Poppy playtime: Chapter 2 - The best horror puzzle game

Poppy playtime: chapter 2 will definitely be a masterpiece of the survival horror game genre following the success of the first version. Poppy playtime: chapter 2 currently has the most downloads in recent times since its release, which is a remarkable achievement that no other game of the same genre has been able to reach.

Brief summary of the plot Poppy Playtime: chapter 2

Continuing the plot of the first version, Poppy Playtime: chapter 2 we will meet the main character guy - the dark old employee of the Playtime toy company. In part 2, everything still revolves around the old toy factory of the Playtime company. For some reason the company went bankrupt. Strange is the mysterious disappearance of the staff who used to work here.

At the end of part 1, players will continue to explore this place after escaping the pursuit of the wide-mouthed toy Poppy. Poppy Playtime: Chapter 2 appears a former employee but is in the role of a villain. This weird toy spider "girl" will chase you like a prey. Therefore, your mission

throughout Poppy Playtime: chapter 2 will be to find a way to escape from Mommy Long Legs and continue to find answers to the dark mysteries behind it.

Download Poppy Playtime: chapter 2 Mod APK - The journey to decipher the mystery

New character system

The highlighted part in Poppy Playtime: chapter 2 is the appearance of a new character. If in the first part the player will have to run away from the Huggy wide-mouthed toy, the next part will have to face Mommy Long Legs - a toy girl in disguisea of a spider.

This character was mentioned in part 1. It was the mother as told by Poppy. Along with this horror mother there are many other scary characters, they are all faulty toys by the manufacturer and are discarded.

Weird challenges

Poppy Playtime: chapter 2 is a completely different version from its predecessor. Players will not replay what was in the first part, instead, there will be difficult levels. Poppy Playtime: chapter 2 basically, keeps the core mechanics intact as in the first version

You will have to use Grab Pack to pick up something. It acts as a hook to collect everything in the distance including 2 green and red gloves. Moreover, this tool is also something that can activate a shortcut or a certain window. It can be realized that Grab Pack is the key point that makes the game attractive. Players will have to move continuously through different locations at the workshop, running fast to escape the pursuit of the "horror mother". This journey will bring players exciting and thrilling experiences

Innovation and upgrade of controls and locations

Poppy Playtime: chapter 2 is upgraded with not only new characters but also new locations. In addition to the abandoned toy factory, you will come to gloomy train stations, mysterious rooms. Those are the places related to our main character. Regarding the control mechanism, nothing has changed: still the first person perspective, you will control the character with virtual keys and perform some interactive actions like real life, bringing a very realistic experience to the game. player

Graphics and sound - important elements in the game

Simple game designs and a colorful system are the highlights of the graphics of the game. But not because of that, in exchange for the atmosphere and colors that the game gives players a feeling. Horror, scary combined with the sound system has been upgraded to suit the situation and time


Poppy Playtime: chapter 2 is a survival horror genre game that gives players unprecedented feelings compared to other games. Currently the game has been released on all platforms. With elements of action, puzzle, suspense all on a larger scale than other games, Poppy Playtime - chapter 2 will be a worthy game for those who like thrills, horror, puzzles. . Horror game followers, what are you waiting for without experiencing it now?

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