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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1
App Name Poppy Playtime Chapter 1
Genre Simulation
Developer MOB Games Studio
Size 612.8Mb
Latest Version 1.0.8
Mod info Original
Update August 29, 2023 (10 months ago)

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is a horror, survival game combined with extremely popular puzzle elements today. Players will have to find ways to escape from the creepy toy factory. During the run, try not to let the blue doll catch you. Below we will provide some more information and answer the secrets of this game!

In fact, this game is the first part of the series of the same name. This series of games tells horror stories centered around a playtime toy factory. During that time, this was a very famous toy factory, but because of a mysterious incident, all employees here disappeared. And no one can explain this.

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 - The most popular horror game in the world

Although there has been a lot of talk about an incident like this, no one has dared to find the cause of this mysterious story except for you. At first, players will accidentally receive a product introduction video even though you have been out of work for a long time. However, there is a strange thing that the person introducing the product is the old boss of your factory. The product he is promoting is a Poppy doll.

And suddenly the video got jammed. At that moment, a large black flower and a mysterious passage appeared on the screen. There is a black text that appears and refers to the employee's disappearance for many years. Your current task is to find the flower and remove it to rescue your workers.

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In order for players to understand more about this game genre, we will introduce a way to play that is extremely easy to understand for players. Here are detailed instructions for players:

Decode the answer at the security door in Poppy Playtime.

Upon entering the Playtime factory, the player will face a giant green monster named Huggy Wuggy. This monster looks very scary and you will feel a lot more stressed because you will have to both escape from this monster and find clues to the case.

At the back of the reception there is an item. The only way to get it is to use Grabpack but this thing is locked in the security room. Next you will see a screen with various buttons and what you need to do is press them in sequence to be able to open the door.

Next you will have to go to the gift shop. Look for overturned boxes and watch them closely until you find a working model train. You will notice that they have carriages of different colors.

At this point you have just decoded your first clue. Next write down the order of the colors and use that color on the screen in the security room.

The next step once inside, you need to watch the tape of how the Grabpack works before getting the blue hand to do. You can use items to open the entrance to the factory. The current task is that you need the red hand.

Facing the green monster

As soon as you enter the factory, you will encounter the green monster again. For now he will stand still and pose no threat to you. You can now explore the areas around him, but you'll need to find the red grabpack to unlock all of the backpack's functions.

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When you join, you will face countless monsters

There are two doors with a scanner. One door needs to be opened with two hands, but the other only needs a green hand. When you are trying to open it, the electricity goes out, leaving you in the dark. Huggy Wuggy is holding the key that will open the Electric Room, where you can turn on the electricity. When you return, he will disappear.

Red Grabpack hand

Go down the hall and look for a door with the number 05. Then go up the stairs and find the shaft and a control panel. Then there will be four switches with four different colors. There will be missing fuses and the task you will have to find them.

Here is the specific location of the fuse:

  • Blue fuse: left side of panel
  • Red fuse: shelf to the right of the conveyor belt and slightly lower
  • Yellow and green fuses: opposite the room to the left of the conveyor and near the room with the scanner next to the boxes.

When reinstalling the fuse, the crane picks up a glass box and places it on the fixing belt. Inside there is the red hand you need to find.

Outstanding features of the game Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Although the game's graphics are not too special like some other game genres, the sound quality here is extremely good and creates many climactic situations for the game. With an attractive storyline and many challenges, players will not be too bored and discover many new attractions.


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Join now to experience this dramatic and engaging game!

Above is all the best information about the charismatic, dramatic and novel poppy playtime game genre. Players can experience strong feelings when participating here. What are you waiting for without quickly downloading the application to your device!

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