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CrossFire: Legends
App Name CrossFire: Legends
Genre Simulation
Developer JOYCITY Corp.
Size 732.4MB
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Update September 27, 2022 (1 years ago)

Description of CrossFire: Legends

CrossFire: Legends - one of the super products in the action and shooting genre that is very popular in the Vietnamese gaming community. Released in the Vietnamese market by VNG, the game has been a big hit for a long time.

CrossFire: Legends is not only a simple raid and shooting game, it is also likened to a new breeze of the entertainment world, bringing great moments of relaxation. Immerse yourself in the space of mind-bending matches, a world of its own as if it were opened for shooting enthusiasts.

To talk about this super product, to be honest, this is an extremely attractive, attractive, dramatic first-person shooter game (First Person Shooter). There will not be any version that can be simulated or reproduced as perfectly and as thoroughly as CrossFire: Legends.

Released under the leadership of the big man VNG, this raid game has outstanding, unique, and strange features that create a game full of quintessence, an extremely bright super product. The game was very warmly received by gamers, it can be said that it was a fever at that time.

CrossFire: Legends mod apk

CrossFire: Legends

The design team worked very professionally, meticulously, spent a lot of brain to create this brainchild. And not to disappoint the publisher's expectations, CrossFire: Legends has achieved great success, top revenue.

CrossFire: Legends has eye-catching, vivid 3D graphics, everything seems to be reproduced in the most specific and detailed way. Each phase of the top-notch shooting, the drama becomes more and more realistic as it appears in front of the player's eyes. A space that is both real and virtual with extremely sharp scenes is definitely what graphics enthusiasts love.

In addition, a series of different game modes are also what will help gamers have moments of relaxation, brain exercise, tactics, ... for their gun battles.

Download CrossFire: Legends Mod Apk - Immerse yourself in the suffocating gun battle space

It can be said that CrossFire: Legends is a national game when it is supported a lot by young people. This is completely worth it, because the game has a lot of highlights that no other game in the same genre has.

Newly updated survival mode

When entering this Survival mode, the starting point will be on a deserted island with no people on all sides. The character in the first-person perspective will be parachuting onto that island. It is imperative to use survival skills to be able to survive in this harsh CrossFire: Legends land.

Here, the character in the game will start fighting with 99 other people who are also "dropped" on the island, to start the battle for survival. The journey has only just begun, and you will have to fight and collect any guns you see if you want to be the last survivor on the island.

CrossFire: Legends mod

New survival mode only 1 winner

Many new maps appear

In the Big V3 update, NPH has added to the game nearly 10 new maps, which are completely new and different spaces, the experience character will have to have their own calculations. Discuss and come up with a strategy suitable for each specific map type.

Accordingly, some of the names mentioned in CrossFire: Legends such as the Data Center map, the Desert Citadel map, the Horse Farm map, etc. Meanwhile, the old maps will also have new changes. That is, there will be more weather updates for the maps of Satellite Stations, Submarines,... In addition, there is also a CS Woo game mode, a mode in which each player's starting point is the same, and must save money through each round.

New characters

Called big update version 3, it is impossible not to mention the new characters. They are Laura, Summer Fox and Captain Blade. The journey of the gunmen will become more novel with these beautiful female warriors. With this trio of female characters, the design team has brought them the best, including beauty, intelligence, attractive appearance, fast speed, and outstanding skills. These are the highlights that make up the new big update this time.

CrossFire: Legends mod apk android

The beautiful characters have just been updated

The ultimate weapon system

To prepare for this CrossFire: Legends update, a series of unique ideas were born. Not only is the copyright available, NPH has also made adjustments to have a new version that is most suitable. The most significant and significant change is the arsenal system with up to 200 weapons, materials, bombs, ...

The warehouse will contain weapons such as guns, VIP-type weapons, secondary weapons, destructive bombs, melee,... Of course, the names that are hunted by marksmen who cannot be ignored are also present. such as Anaconda Born Beast, M4A1 Born Beast Silver, AK 12 Iron Spider, Bladed Knuckles Infernal Dragon,...

Besides, a variety of items are also discounted, selling at extremely low prices, great deals for including Hummingbird Pistol, Dual Glock,  Noble Dragon, QBZ 95-Royal Dragon, Black Steel, Knife Ultimate Gold, Dual Glock, Butterfly Knife, Brick and Frying Pan.


CrossFire: Legends is an action genre game, with intense gunfights, suffocating but also highly entertaining. Not only supported on Android and iOS operating systems, but also can be played on computers with emulators, so what are you waiting for without downloading the game, becoming the hegemony of the battlefield.

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