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Diablo Immortal
App Name Diablo Immortal
Genre Simulation
Developer Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Size 77.3MB
Latest Version 1.4.889785
Mod info Originals
Update September 19, 2022 (1 years ago)

Diablo Immortal is a role-playing game set 5 years after the end of Diablo II. At the beginning of the match, the player's character will have effects that can change the gender and face of the game character. The battle will begin with basic weapons and a fight with several monsters. Thereby, the game can introduce players to the main control system.

In general, the control system in the game is relatively simple and easy to get used to, but there are also intense battles for gamers to show their ultimate skills. The skill boxes that the game character already owns can act as a joystick that allows the player to choose the direction to launch the attack or put more energy into the skill to increase the attack range.

The gameplay of Diablo Immortal is really appreciated. Regardless of whether it is on a small screen, it is still very simple and easy for the player to control the character to move or perform basic operations.


Diablo Immortal - PvP Combat RPG

In the left corner is the joystick so that players can choose the direction for their game character, and in the right corner are the attacks, skills as well as gathered items, players can control using his thumb. The game is also ready to support the controller, so if you can own a good controller, the game will also be highly effective.

Diablo Immortal is a game that really brings moments of extremely happy fighting for players. Gamers will rush into the herd of monsters and transform those monsters into blocks of gold coins, experience and different types of equipment scattered on the ground and pick up those things to see what good items can be used. use for yourself.

Download Diablo Immortal Mod Apk- Plunge into battles with fierce monsters

The game is released for Android devices. Publisher Blizzard wants the game to be popular with all gamers who have been loving and accompanying the Diablo series with countless monsters to destroy, collectibles. What's more, it's powerful classes to play with friends, connect great moments together.

In addition to the new platform, the game will also switch to ARPG gameplay paired with MMO to be able to become a completely online game. The game is likely to thrive with outstanding multiplayer features.

The game's plot will take place between the key events of Diablo II and III. After the recovery of Sanctuary through the battle of Baal's invasion and destruction of Mount Arreat. The player's character will rush into battle with the remnants of Horadrim with the aim of preventing the enemies of Sanctuary from taking back and taking control of the Worldstone.

Let's stand together and protect our common home from the evil and wickedness of the Burning Hells.


Building on the fascinating storyline that follows the part II and III

Since its release, the game has received mixed reviews. Although, there are people who praise and criticize, but the effect that the game has brought is worth noting. The Android version alone has received more than 5 million downloads and received an average score of 3.6 stars. This is an encouraging achievement in this series of games.

Diablo Immortal created a long fever in the online game world

With dramatic points in battles with beasts, the game launched with an extremely significant number of visitors.

Outstanding classes at the game

At the moment, Blizzard has built 6 classes for gamers to choose from in the game including:

  • Barbarian
  • Crusader
  • Demon Hunter
  • Monk
  • Necromancer
  • Wizard

With these 6 outstanding classes, players are completely free to choose one that suits their skills to join the game.

What's New at Diablo Immortal

At this point, players have the option of experimenting with the Demon Hunter classes through a pre-game that introduces the open world in the town of Wortham and in the Ashworld Cermantic area.


Fight and show off your skills

In addition, the game also added a new mechanism called ultimate skill. Accordingly, each game character will own a separate Ultimate Skill. When accumulating enough energy sources through normal attacks, gamers can proceed to activate the ultimate skill with the aim of increasing damage and becoming stronger than ever.

In addition, the game system also includes legendary items that help players easily change skills, turn a hot fireball into a cold ice ball, or, turn flying arrows. deadly bar grenades when using Strafe.


Diablo Immortal is a game that gives gamers dramatic feelings with fiery battles with giant beasts. There are still countless battles waiting for you to discover, join the experience now.

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