Minibus Simulator Vietnam mod 2.1.3 Full Paid

Minibus Simulator Vietnam
App Name Minibus Simulator Vietnam
Genre RPG
Size 53.2MB
Latest Version 2.1.3
Mod info Full Paid
Update September 10, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Minibus Simulator Vietnam

Minibus Simulator Vietnam released by Web3o Technology is one of the most anticipated games among gamers, especially from VietNam. MiniGame Simulator is all about driving, taking guests to the right place. This game is a portrait of the journey of carrying customers with familiar car brands and accompanied by an assistant.

Minibus Simulator Vietnam gives players an extremely attractive driving experience. The most outstanding feature of this game is that the 3D graphics are really very realistic. It is possible that this is the best driving game currently in Vietnam ever.

Compared to the version that first appeared, Minibus Simulator has been gradually improved more and more perfectly. The game has added many new elements, improved performance and maximized all features. Gamers can also easily choose new car designs with the "top of the top" equipment system to become the winner.

minibus simulator vietnam

Experience being a real driver in Minibus Simulator Vietnam

When participating in the game, players will be wheeled through many roads. It can be highways, big streets, alleys, wooden bridges, etc. All of these contribute to helping players experience the most dramatic challenges.

With an attractive game like this, how can you ignore it? Let's discover what Minibus Simulator Vietnam has that attracts such a large number of young people!

Download Minibus Simulator Vietnam mod apk - Enjoy the all-terrain driving experience

Minibus Simulator Vietnam is one of the simulation games that gamers cannot ignore because of the following characteristics:

minibus simulator vietnam 3D

Conquer all types of terrain on the map of Vietnam

The good news is that Minibus Simulator Vietnam has just updated a completely new map for players. Although it is not possible to update a total of 63 provinces in Vietnam, overall, it has brought a sense of excitement and closeness to players.

Almost the typical terrain of the S-shaped land is updated in the game to create challenges for gamers. On each journey, there will be stops for players to stop and rest. Pick up and drop off passengers at a certain bus station, then store their luggage and start off on the road. On those trips, what difficulties will you face? Try the experience to know more!

Biggest Strength

Minibus Simulator Vietnam received extremely high ratings for the 3D graphics in the game. In the game, the entire familiar terrain of Vietnam is vividly reproduced which is similar to the real one. When rolling through each place, you will have the same driving experience as when driving in real life. From roads, vehicles, houses to toll stations, traffic lights, bridges, etc., are perfectly incorporated into the game.

There are activities in the game that are controlled by AI in a completely automatic way. The infrastructure is much more upgraded and expanded than the previous version. These promises to satisfy players' love of conquering every journey and challenge.

Intuitive control mechanism

The driving control panel of the Minibus Simulator Vietnam game is one of the things that makes a strong impression on players. The types of functions are arranged on the system in an extremely neat and meticulous way. This meticulousness helps gamers observe, track and control the car quickly and conveniently.

When looking on the screen, you will immediately see the steering wheel, clock, car horn ... on the left side. On the right, the system provides functions such as acceleration, braking, door opening / closing, lever. In addition, in the middle of the screen there will be a driving control panel, such as a button to take pictures, music, MAP, etc.

Minibus Simulator Vietnam will give players 3 custom modes. Those 3 customizations can be driven by the steering wheel, by the keyboard or by counting the phone's tilt sensor. So players who have a passion for driving in any type of play can completely meet. In particular, players can feel the authenticity of the game to the extent that they are driving a car on a real road. The switches can be turned on, off, rotated, just like other passenger cars in Vietnam.

Smooth and realistic mode

In what conditions do you want to show off your driving skills? Is it sunny or rainy, is it light or dark? In this game, you will be the one who has the right to control all weather conditions like the weather in Vietnam. Therefore, when playing the game, you will feel completely like in real life.

If you choose the view from the third angle, you will also be able to feel for yourself the extremely smooth movement of the car. Every movement of the car is also close to reality. In addition, during driving, you can enjoy the feeling that weather effects, sounds, lights, ... bring on the journey.

Gamers will surely enjoy hearing the sound of the car engine, the beeping of the horn, the sound of rain falling or the sound of the door opening and closing. The action details such as moving forward and backward, accelerating or decelerating the car… will be amazingly lifelike.


Minibus Simulator Vietnam is a passenger driving game that can be said to be the most attractive and special today. With quality sound images, vivid, players will surely enjoy. Download the game now to experience those exciting feelings!

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