I Am Archer mod 1.1.18 Unlimited Money

I Am Archer
App Name I Am Archer
Genre Strategy
Developer XIJI Game
Size 48.3MB
Latest Version 1.1.18
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 15, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of I Am Archer

Create soldiers and fight, I Am Archer is the most sought-after game genre recently. The reason why when there are so many players like that, this is a mystery. Then let's explore the mystery of this game together. Ready to introduce the attractions of the game to players always!

Archer is a very attractive strategy game where the player must defeat his enemies. Adopt clear strategy and goals. To win the game, the player will need to use his main character. The player who controls in each battle is the one who must protect above all.


I Am Archer - Extremely fierce arms race

The controls in I Am Archer couldn't be simpler. To control his character, the player must use the buttons on the bottom left. player can use to move forward or backward while archery by touching the screen. To shoot the arrows, the player must calculate the force and angle.

In the game, the player does not have to face his enemies alone. Instead, the player will need to summon an army of soldiers that will help you destroy the base. To train soldiers, the player will have to spend energy on them. And spend a lot of time to upgrade your playing skills more and more fully.

Each type of soldier will require a certain amount of energy. So it takes time to get the players you want. Or devise strategies that help place the right pieces in key and important positions.

Download I am Archer mod apk – Discover the fierce arms race

I am Archer is published by XIJI Games. The game develops the purpose for the player to build a strong army. Destroy all elements that exist plots of invasion.

At the time of its release about 4 years ago, ie 2017. players were looking forward to a fun game about strategy. And did not wait long when this game itself did not disappoint players.

The player will form an army on the data provided by the system. With these data, players can exploit the strengths of each warrior. And proceed to eliminate the enemy's ranks in a merciless battle. Players can see this as a mix of moba and goalkeeper. Because they have been taken a little based on these ideas.

Unique features only at I Am Archer

This is not exactly a civil war as players have seen. This is the work of the royal army that is preventing foreign invasion

Gameplay with melee tactics


Game play is very easy to grasp

Tactics, fighting, melee are 3 things that I am Archer has. However, the topic that Archer aimed at was the war between empires. Gamers will be supported by a dense army. Of course, the player must summon all of them.

Players will arrange in a closed match, only forward and backward with no other way. In this space, there will be 2 monuments divided equally between 2 opposing factions. The player will be on the left and the enemy will be in the opposite direction.

When the monument falls first, that side will have to take the defeat. To proceed to destroy this statue, the player tries to use skills from the character. To be able to break down the soldiers' fences. Once all of them have been knocked down, the monument is just a piece of foam for the player to prune.

Try your hand at the rich character system

I am Archer is simply a rampart defense game, but players will need RPG gameplay. This messy combination sometimes confuses players. But it increases the breakthrough when experiencing.

Of course, mixing a bit of RPG elements with multi-character. They are warriors from the kingdom and carry many unique powers. Can be skilled with a sword, or tough, or use magic.

Players can choose one of them to take on the challenge. But let's observe the details and gather a lot of information about them. Because you may not be familiar with the player's gameplay, this is one of the obstacles when experiencing Archer.

Character upgrade system for ultimate power


Work hard to upgrade your character to reach the maximum power threshold

With that said, players should collect a lot of character information and skills. Of course, if players like it, they can choose right away. Then try to level them up to get the ultimate power.

Each character initially only carries its own stats. In it, some outstanding characters will be marginally better. But that is not the maximum stat and players must upgrade to activate.

Visit the Training section of I am Archer to learn more. There exist many features to help increase the character's stats. But players have to spend costs and resources. Upgrading the character means that the next challenge will be lighter.


Join the elite characters at I am Archer. Create a match of a lifetime, show the bad guys "Tigers don't roar, think they're domestic cats". Players let them know right away at this extremely hot game version.

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