Army Men Strike 3.175.3 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) Download

Army Men Strike
App Name Army Men Strike
Genre Strategy
Developer Volcano Force
Size 362.3Mb
Latest Version 3.175.3
Mod info VIP Unlocked
Update March 19, 2023 (3 days ago)

Description of Army Men Strike

Army Men Strike is an online strategy game developed by the game team of VolcanoGames. This game allows players to build their own military base, using teammates and troops to fight other opponents around the world.

About Army Men Strike

In Army Men Strike, players can build military bases, research and develop new weapons, strengthen troops, and conduct offensive campaigns. In addition, the game also offers many game modes such as individual mode, team mode, war mode and challenge mode.

Army Men Strike also has a large game community and a friend feature so players can interact with each other, exchange experiences and help each other during the game. This game is completely free and available on iOS and Android platforms.

Special Features

Army Men Strike has many special features that attract players, including:

Build a military base: Players can build and customize their base with a variety of options ranging from architecture to design.
Fight other opponents: Players can attack and defend their base against other opponents around the world.
Weapon Research and Development: Players can research and develop new weapons to strengthen their army.
Join the campaign: Players can participate in different campaigns and missions to gain rewards.
Coalition: Players can join squads with other players to support each other in combat.
Challenge mode: Players can participate in challenges to test their skills and gain attractive rewards.
Massive gaming community: Army Men Strike has a large gaming community with players from all over the world, allowing players to connect and interact with each other.

Graphics and sound

Army Men Strike has beautiful graphics and vivid sound, creating a great gaming experience for players. The images in the game are designed with high detail and bright colors, helping to recreate real military battles.

The sound in the game is also very diverse and lively, from gunfire, bullets, to fireworks and background music. All of these sounds are designed to create a tense and dramatic combat atmosphere, allowing players to truly immerse themselves in the game.

In addition, Army Men Strike also has other special features such as lighting effects, visual effects and special sound effects, creating a complete and perfect gaming experience for players.


Overview of Army Men Strike, this is a mobile game worth trying for those who love the tactical genre and beautiful graphics. However, for the best gaming experience, players need to invest time and resources into this game.


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