Plants vs Zombies FREE mod + apk 3.3.2 Unlimited Coins/Suns

Plants vs Zombies FREE
App Name Plants vs Zombies FREE
Genre Strategy
Developer Electronic Arts
Size 87.4Mb
Latest Version 3.3.2
Mod info Unlimited Coins/Suns
Update December 13, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Plants vs Zombies FREE

Plants vs zombies is one of the famous games once in The World. The number of hits of this game is increasing rapidly. The game attracts gamers by the new simulations of zombies and the time of their release. Then gradually take the advantage thanks to a unique attraction that no other game can match.


Plants vs zombies - Fruits get angry!!

This game was originally developed by PopCap Game for Windows and Mac OS X. Later expanded to mobile devices. This is the childhood game of the young generation GenZ. Since its launch, the game has attracted thousands of hits, bombarding all game charts.

In the game, players will transform into the owner of a house with a zombie apocalypse, a chaotic world. Players will have to protect the house by planting trees along the way to shoot bullets to kill zombies as soon as zombies want to approach the house. “Sun” is the currency in this game used to buy plants. When a zombie reaches the house by any means, you will lose your friend.

Plants vs zombies was originally a defense-oriented game. Then gradually developed into a game with features of plants fighting against zombies.

When it was just released, this was the game that quickly became PopCap Game's best-selling game. Over time, the game is developing more and more maps. Making the game even though it was released a long time ago, it still maintains its style and position on the game charts.

Download Plants vs zombies Mod APK - Angry fruit game with many outstanding advantages

Plants vs zombies is a game that stormed the Vietnamese game charts. What does this game have that attracts gamers so much? What are you waiting for, let's learn about this game together right now!

The plot is very interesting


Owning a seamless and extremely attractive storyline

With most games, the plot is often not focused. The plot is also rarely the highlight that makes gamers care a lot in a tower defense game. Perhaps that's why Popcap has integrated a rather "ghostly" situation revolving around the journey of gamers in Plants vs zombies.

You will be traveling to three dangerous but extremely interesting lands. It was ancient Egypt, the land of pirates and the wild west. Each land will have 25 small maps equivalent to 25 levels. It will take you quite a while to finish the game with the massive map system of Plants vs zombies.

Quality graphics and sound

Bright and vivid colors are the strength of Popcap's games. In this game, Popcap continues to promote its strengths. Special plants and zombies are elaborated with many interesting shapes. The movements are also very smooth, creating the best experience for players.

More vivid pigments are added to the game. You will feel lost in the world of Plants vs zombies when you hear the growling sounds of zombies.

Wide variety of plants and zombies

Plants and zombies in the game are very diverse. Each type of tree has its own uses suitable for different situations. You need to coordinate very skillfully to create a solid defensive wall to protect your home.

Meanwhile, the zombies proved to be more aggressive and outnumbered than the player's army of crops. You will have the opportunity to face many "terrible" monsters. Players need to think carefully before choosing to plant trees if they do not want to fail at the hands of monsters. Because groups of zombies will appear at the same time, they accumulate making it difficult for players.

The game map has many stories inside

In order to increase the attractiveness of the game, the manufacturer has added requirements to increase the challenge and play value. In addition, each major game will have its own map system that allows players to locate themselves.

Many extremely useful skills


Lots of interesting plants and skills

In the moment of death and death, you will need to use the skill system to not fail. You can collect magic leaves while killing zombies. The use of the leaves is like an tonic. When combined with each plant will produce amazing results.

In addition, the player is also provided with 3 additional skills that you can use directly, namely, breaking the head, flicking, and squeezing. The thing to note is that these skills you can't collect in the game, but you have to use gold to buy them.


Game Plants vs zombies is the most sought-after game in the game market today. I hope after this article will help you better understand this cult game. To not be out of date, download it now and enjoy great moments in the game.

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