Hot Wheels Unlimited mod + apk 2022.2.2 Unlocked All

Hot Wheels Unlimited
App Name Hot Wheels Unlimited
Genre Race
Developer Budge Studios
Size 27.7Mb
Latest Version 2022.2.2
Mod info Unlocked All
Update November 28, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Hot Wheels Unlimited

Hot Wheels Unlimited is a racing game developed by the manufacturer Budge Studios. The speed game offers a style of building your own track. At the same time, it has attracted millions of downloads since its launch until now.

The game is set on the Hot Wheels Islands. This is the place where talented riders gather to participate in a dramatic race with interesting prizes. When entering this paradise, you will admire the special and unique cars of the racers.

Hot Wheels Unlimited mod apk android

A special feature in the game is that you can also collect for yourself the racing cars that you feel most like. Hot Wheels Unlimited is not just an ordinary racing game like dodging obstacles or overcoming opponents to get to the finish line. Here, players are embarking on building a track in their own style. Then you will race on the track you created.

Therefore, the game does not have an available map. Instead, the system will use the same track that the player created before and directly compete with opponents.

If you are looking for an attractive and fun racing game, this game is fully compatible with what you want. Besides, the game also has an extremely interesting Mod Apk version. The incentive when downloading the Mod is to unlock all vehicles as well as enjoy unlimited racing.

Download Hot Wheels Unlimited Mod Apk - Enjoy the race track according to your own creativity

Hot Wheels Unlimited Mod Apk version guarantees to give players unlimited racing games. Players just need to unleash their creativity and role-play as a speed-enthusiastic monster to defeat all opponents on the track they have created.

Hot Wheels Unlimited mod apk

Build the track to your liking

The construction of the track in the game is not too complicated or difficult. The system will provide segments and the player's task is to start from the starting line and arrange those segments to lead to the finish line.

The road sections in the Hot Wheels Unlimited system are divided into many categories including: bridges, roads, tunnels, sharp turns, turning corners, uphill, downhill, ...

It can be said with this gameplay, the game is like a strategy game. Your job is to arrange the roads accordingly. When everything is ready, choose a car from the collection and put it on the track to start competing.

The vehicle system is diverse and very unique

Hot Wheels Unlimited owns a very special and unique car system, different from reality as well as other racing games. The shape of the car is designed to simulate animals such as crocodiles, dinosaurs, monsters or car models inspired by the Fast and Furious movies.

Each vehicle with different shapes will have useful special abilities. Players can determine their pros and cons through the accompanying icon.

Currency with red wheel

The currency in Hot Wheels Unlimited is calculated using the red wheel. Players can collect them after completing the in-game mission and finishing the race.

Hot Wheels Unlimited mod

The red wheel will be used to unlock the cars you love in the store. However, some luxury cars require cash to unlock. In addition, players can also participate in the online racing mode that allows to challenge with friends and compete for the winning position together.

New features in Mod version

When downloading the Mod version, players will experience the extremely interesting Unlock All feature. The feature allows you to participate in unlimited races and unlock all types of racing cars. Thereby, you are free to choose your favorite cars.

Not only that, the unlimited money feature also helps players enjoy buying completely free items to upgrade their battle vehicles.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Hot Wheels Unlimited are designed in sharp, realistic 3D. Images of racing roads, speed cars are meticulously elaborated. Combined with it is an extremely beautiful racing effect. The car flips or turns in the game are described in a vivid way.

Besides, the sound quality is also very good. The relaxing music helps players relax after stressful races. At times suspenseful, dramatic to feel the excitement when participating.


After all, Hot Wheels Unlimited is a racing game that is worth downloading and installing on your device. With unique content, simple but fresh, attractive gameplay will take you to many different emotions. Fasten your seat belt, get on your speed steed and start your race now.



Is this game free?

Downloading the game is entirely free. However, you will only be able to do three in-game challenges per day. If you want unlimited racing, you have to pay $4.99 per month.

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