Trial Xtreme 4 2.13.3 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

Trial Xtreme 4
App Name Trial Xtreme 4
Genre Race
Developer Deemedya Inc
Size 43.5Mb
Latest Version 2.13.3
Mod info Unlocked
Update November 17, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4 is a next version in the Trial Xtreme speed racing game series released by Deemedya INC and has been storming on many mobile platforms. Currently, this game has many new versions with many attractive improvements, including the Mod Apk version.

This game basically still inherits many outstanding features of version 3, but this time the manufacturer has made many significant turning points, raising this game to a new level. And it has become the focus of discussion on many online forums.

In this version of Trial Xtreme 4, gamers will receive the task of controlling large displacement motorcycles to overcome more than 70 challenges and many attractive levels. Racer needs to win at tough races, tournaments to win and earn prize money, thereby earning a new ticket to the next round.

Trial Xtreme 4 Mod Apk Android

The more racetracks you conquer, the more likely everyone will prove their abilities - be it a top driver among countless names and or will achieve higher rankings in the rankings. Global.

Trial Xtreme 4 also retains the essence of the Trial Xtreme series of games, in other words, it is not developed in the style of a normal skill test racing game, but this will be a real race - where the players Drivers express themselves and make a name for themselves.

Download Trial Xtreme 4 Mod Apk - Explore the adventurous motorcycle game

This is the 4th version in the adventurous driving series of the same name, since its launch, it has made a big splash and is enthusiastically supported by challenging speed enthusiasts. There are many reasons for this game to become the focus of attention.

The difference where off-road driving

First of all, Trial Xtreme 4 is an extreme stunt driving simulation game. Gamers will drive their large displacement motorcycles to overcome many obstacles and difficult terrain. With hundreds of levels from difficult to extremely difficult, nothing is easy.

Without starting from zero, or clumsy levels for newbies, this game starts with "something". Everyone has to have basic off-road driving skills at an intermediate level to be able to play. Otherwise, the continuous horizontal flip phase will immediately discourage.

Heroic letter mode in the game

To add to the heroism and set every gaming head on fire, Trial Xtreme 4 features a PvP game mode, allowing players to engage in a duel with another opponent. In each level, to be able to win against themselves and win the opponent, everyone will have to use all their driving skills, experience of overcoming obstacles and calculating their thinking.

The reward for gamers is a glorious victory and surpassing the opponent. Accumulating enough points, everyone will be able to upgrade their cars and improve special parts in their cars with Swag mode to increase the power of the motorcycle.

Extremely realistic simulation

And not only that, Trial Xtreme 4 is not an ordinary speed racing game, but the player must also have an extremely accurate calculation and skill. Just one inch apart, everyone can fall into the cliff, or just 1/10th of a second is enough to make you have to trade the whole attractive road in front of you.

The good thing is that, this game simulates very well the exact same physical mechanisms in real life. The way the car stops when it encounters the origin, or both people and the vehicle increase when going through unexpected stages and there are cars screeching when the road surface is slippery. All will give gamers a feeling like they are experiencing real complex terrain.

3D graphics also create a success

If you want to see the pinnacle of the scene, we would recommend looking to challenging off-road driving games and peaks like this Trial Xtreme 4. Admire the pinnacle of creativity through the scenes that are both epic and full of pitfalls ahead.

Curves, objects, and twists in succession will make all the senses in the player rise. The feeling of being both afraid, and wanting to conquer it all, trembled before the curvy roads. Mixing everything a little bit, for everyone will also be an endless emotional epic when playing the game.

Accompanied by each physical impact in this game is a vibrant sound effect. It very accurately reflects the actual situation that is taking place. The sound of throttle or the sound of hissing when slipping, the sound of wheels when touching hard objects on the road, everything is as real, detailed and thorough as possible.


Trial Xtreme 4 is the most realistic 3D simulation off-road motorcycle driving game in the genre. If everyone is looking to master all terrain and challenge their own silk steering wheel with roads overflowing with obstacles, then join the game now.

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