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Description of Google Earth

Google Earth is an application released by Google, intended for users to observe and explore the entire landscape of the earth from above looking down with sharp satellite images. Launched in 2010, through many new feature updates, the application has reached 100 million downloads so far, enough to prove the usefulness of this application. If you still don't know what the specific feature of Google Earth is, check out the introduction below!

Download Google Earth Mod Apk - Discover an application that displays 3D images of the Earth

Since its release, Google Earth has received a lot of positive feedback from users thanks to the provision of multi-dimensional maps. Helping users to observe the detailed road situation not only in the country but also in the world.

Display color image transmitted from satellite

When you open the application, you will see a global topography with sharp color images transmitted from satellites. This will make it easier for users to explore cities and landscapes from many different angles. Not to mention, if you want to see the scenery in a specific area, you can select the country, enter the address or the map in the search bar. The map will automatically go to the place you need to find.

The application not only displays a map of the Earth through satellite images, but also displays aerial photos so you can capture all the scenes when viewed from above. In particular, when looking at the scenery from this angle, you will certainly see the scene appearing extremely beautiful and captivating.

Show full details on the map

The application not only provides a map image, but it also provides a full range of detailed information on the map. Such as geographic coordinates including longitude, latitude, terrain elevation in the area you choose, viewing altitude, suitable viewing angle,....

Besides, in the image display mode of the street view, the application will automatically provide information about that neighborhood, which famous places it has, how many inhabitants,... for you. can capture more complete information.

Zoom close-up of map layers

Like the Google Maps application, Google Earth also allows users to zoom in on map layers to see street names, entertainment venues, famous buildings, etc. In particular, you can also see clearly the Territorial border between countries right at home without having to move there to see it with your own eyes. In addition to the close-up zoom feature, the application also has the feature to enlarge images and roads without breaking focus so you can see everything more clearly. It's convenient, right?

Measure the distance, area on the screen

If you need to know the exact distance and area of ​​that area, you can use the app's measure feature. This feature will give you the area number of the area you need without having to look online or on many other statistics sites. Save a lot of time and effort for users because there is no need to use other 3rd party measuring tools.

In particular, you can be assured of the accuracy of the information that the application gives. Because its data is taken from Wikipedia and the GIS system, ensuring the accuracy of information. So you do not need to worry about the authenticity of the information provided by the application.

View 3D images of famous buildings around the world

If you are a lover of looking at the architecture of famous buildings in the world but do not have the ability or the right occasion to go. Now, you just need to sit at home and download this application to be able to view lifelike, multi-dimensional 3D images of famous buildings around the world.

Bookmark feature saves locations on demand

If you are the type of person who "brain goldfish" or forget the route to the place you have looked up, you must definitely use this application. Because the application provides a bookmark feature to help mark and save locations for users to reuse when needed. No need to keep looking up time-consuming again.

Beautiful application interface, sharp images

Another advantage of this application is that it has a beautiful interface design, far beyond the applications with the same function on the market. With color images and a sharp, multi-dimensional panoramic 3D view, it faithfully simulates the scene in real life. Increase the practical applicability of the application.

In addition, the application's capacity is not large. Phones that don't have a lot of memory can still be downloaded and used. At the same time, the application does not cause lag or heat, making the user experience more optimal.

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