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Description of Instagram

Instagram is a prevalent global social network attracting billions of users. With this application, users can share photos and videos quickly, easily, and completely free. Additionally, you can also interact with friends and celebrities all over the world. It is such a shortcoming if you don’t use this application right on your mobile in the 4.0 technology era.

Download Instagram Mod Apk – Popular social networking

Along with Facebook, Instagram is the social network with the largest number of users today. Having presented 12 years ago on iOS, Android, Fire OS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems along with possessing countless outstanding features, Instagram is increasingly affirming its attraction and becoming a must-see entertainment application.

History of Instagram

Instagram was developed by two founders named Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Two years later, Facebook bought the app for 1 billion dollars. After many times adding features, the application has become more and more perfect to give users the best experience. Nowadays, compared to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, Instagram has the fastest user growth rate, estimated at 150 million people per month. This shows the great success of a social networking site.

Easily photo editing and sharing

Instagram allows users to share any photos on the app to brag to their friends. The app doesn’t limit the number of photos posted, so you will be spoilt for posting every photo that you want. In addition to posting a photo, you can instantly take a photo with the app. With the integration of a good camera and basic editing tools such as cropping, brightness adjustment, blurring, photo effects, background removal,..., the application helps you get the sharpest, best-quality, smoothest, and most creative photo.

Posting videos quickly

Like many other social networking sites, Instagram also allows users to post videos available on the device quickly within a couple of minutes. The app limits the video length to be no more than 15s. For creativity and originality, users create their own videos by merging photos into videos and then sharing them on this social networking site. The app has up to 13 filters to help you create a great video.

Directly interacting and chatting with friends

You use Instagram to interact with friends via putting a heart emoji, and commenting on their photos and videos. Moreover, you can also chat with friends for free via text messages. More than that, you can attach both photos and videos, or video calls to directly chat.

Easily following users

With the following feature, Instagram helps users follow any personal profile that they want, including celebrities all over the world. When you follow them, you can see, drop hearts, or comment as you like on the photos and videos that the celebs posted. That means you got all the activities of your idols in your hands.


The Stories feature on the app is the place where users can share their daily moments via photos and videos. Nevertheless, everything will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.


Instagram has a Livestream feature, which allows users to livestream and talk with fans, friends or even sell online. Integrating diverse and unique effects, the application helps you get beautiful footage right from the start of Live. After the Live is done, you can repost the videos to your profile for friends to watch or delete them.

Exploring many fascinating contents

Instagram social network is a place summarizing all information from many different matters. Your eyes are wide open and you can enhance your knowledge with photos and videos from many topics such as fashion, cuisine, film, home, travel, architecture,... that users have shared. Just type and look for the topic that you are interested in, you will have your objective information.

Other features

  • Instagram has tons of stickers for users to use with an aim to attach to their photos and videos to make their social media uploads stand out.
  • The Bookmarking feature allows users to save their interested posts in order to review them if necessary.
  • The Turn On Post Notification feature will help you quickly follow the contents that your favorite Follow account has just posted.
  • You have the right to turn off any other comments on your photos and videos via the Turn Off Commenting feature.
  • Show Activity Status will help users hide their online mode when using Instagram.

Impressive interface

Instagram possesses an eye-catching, impressive interface with pink as the main color. Users identify this application through a white square icon that wraps around a white circle and has a white dot above it. The features of this app are intuitive and easy to use, so anyone can easily use this social networking site. You should use Instagram to relax after a busy working day. This application is completely free, so why not try it out right now?

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