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Alight Motion
App Name Alight Motion
Genre Simulation
Developer Alight Creative Inc
Size 136 MB
Latest Version
Mod info Pro Unlocked
Update January 18, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Alight Motion

Alight Motion Mod Apk is an extremely clinking mobile graphic design and editing application, which has many advantageous and versatile tools. It gives users a free rein to create vivid photos and true-to-life videos attracting viewers. Despite having been presented for a long time, the application still proves its number 1 position in the variety of recently released photo editing applications nowadays. The current number of those who download the application is more than 50 million - an enormous number. It’s enough to see the position of Alight Motion in the viewer's heart.

Download Alight Motion Mod Apk - Exploring the professionally graphical application

Download AM PRO Mod Apk is an application which converges lots of professional graphic designing and editing features. These days, people greatly utilize it. The most outstanding features of this application are:

alight motion mod apk

Supporting editing graphics right on your mobile phone 

The first feature of this app is to allow users to edit graphics easily right on their mobile phones thanks to the vector and bitmap support tools. These tools will help you simulate any image that you like and want to put on your video.

Especially, when being downloaded to the device, the application neither makes your phone overheat nor makes your phone lag. All of the operations are very velvety and smooth. You will have fascinating moments of photo editing and video making with Alight Motion.

Block effects, diversified color effects

This application provides more than 160 blocks creating motion effects from basic to advanced. Users could choose and combine these blocks together to create magnificent effects for their videos.

What’s more, this application also has an adjusting colors feature according to your interest with a variety of color palette. Users could click to choose a color or enter a color code to find their favorite one. It is also possible for users to adjust the dark and light colors in order to be suitable for the photos. Moreover, Alight Motion also provides border, shadow and stroke effects to help users create more artistic photos or movies.

Inserting text and lyrics easily

You want to add text or lyrics to your video to make it more vivid? More than 2000 different fonts integrated in Alight Motion will help you do this. Even if you like another font which is not in this application, you could find it outside and add it into this app.

Simultaneously, this application also continually updates the hottest hits on the market. Users could easily choose their favorite kind of music and add it into their videos to make the content become more vivid and attractive.

Multi-directionally rotating camera captures all movements

This application connects with the phone's camera to capture all movements of scenery and people. Along with the multi-directional rotating camera, the zoom and focus assistance will make your photos look sharper and more realistic. Furthermore, Alight Motion also has blur and fog features, so users could blur unnecessary people or objects that fall into their photos.

This application allows users to link individual layers into a merging block. Users could also copy and paste the entire designed layer of this project into another easily with the copy and paste buttons available on the screen. It's convenient, isn’t it?

Saving and sharing projects with everyone 

A very useful feature on the most popular application today is that the graphic projects having been done before can be saved right onto your computer. Users could also share it with everyone. Users could even save used animations frequently to reuse in some following projects. This is really a vital feature for people who easily forget.

Supporting to export photos, videos into many different types of file

With the clumsy designing and editing skills, users worry that the output photos and videos will be blurry and won't be sharp? However, when it comes to Alight Motion, the above concerns are completely impossible to happen. Because this application supports exporting photos and videos to many different file types such as MP4 files, GIF animations, PNG chains or normal photos. With an aim to make sure that the output photos have reached the best resolution and quality.

Beautiful and user-friendly interface, no user fees 

The most outstanding advantage of this application is that it has a super user-friendly designed interface. The editing categories and features are arranged scientifically and logically. Therefore, it’s easier for users to manipulate. This application uses black as the main color, helping users to feel less eye strain when they use it for a long time. This app is especially free, and it does not charge users like many other editing applications on the market today. Thus, you are free to download AM Pro Mod Apk and try it out!

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