Dragon City 22.3.2 MOD APK (Menu, God Mode, Massive Damage) Download

Dragon City
App Name Dragon City
Genre Simulation
Developer Social Point
Size 141.1Mb
Latest Version 22.3.2
Mod info Menu, God Mode, Massive Damage
Update January 05, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Dragon City

If anyone regularly spends time on social networking sites like Facebook. Surely you will see a lot of advertising for a newly released game that attracts a lot of people, it is called Dragon City. The game was published in 2013, Dragon City quickly achieved great success when attracting millions of players on the Facebook interface..

Dragon City is a strategy game genre. The way to operate the game is like any other strategy game when the player has the task of protecting and nurturing his dragons. The highlight of the game is true to its name. Players can nurture and rule an entire dragon kingdom along with hundreds of diverse dragon breeds.

DRAGON CITY The best dragon game of all time

Each gamer raises and trains their dragons so that when they are strong enough, they will go to the battlefield to fight other dragons. You can also exchange, buy and sell and then breed different dragons to transform your drogon to Dragon Master.

As a casual game, it is easy to approach, easy to get used to and does not require players to have too many skill elements. Dragon City quickly won the hearts of many gamers.

The game is programmed entirely in English. For players from non English speaking countries, you should not be worried because you can still play it without understanding the meaning. You will remember the basic information when you get used to the game in a short time.

Download Dragon City apk - Discover the harmony in graphics and sound of the game

Game maker Dragon city captures the psychological standard of the majority of users with the creation of a new "main character" combined with eye-catching 3D simulation. The color scheme for the game is also extremely harmonious, fresh and rich. The style of drawing and building sustainable buildings in the game also looks extremely "real", magnificent.

The movements in the game are said to be very smooth and rhythmic, with very little lag.

download dragon city

Although Dragon City is a strategy game, when the dragons move, the sound in the game is still very pleasant, not too loud for the players. The background music is very flexible, it will change depending on the situation of the player when manipulating.

What’s Exciting about Dragon City

Dragon city owns a variety of small gameplay. Many features are attractive and require players with high intelligence. To be able to build your own powerful dragon squad.

Attractive gameplay

In order to add more tactical features to the game, Dragon city game maker has divided dragons into 15 elemental systems including: fire, earth, water, ice, electricity, metal, wind, leaves, magic, legend, pure pure, ancient, warrior, light, dark.

The elemental systems will have a countermeasure to each other forcing the player to build a variety of dragons to defeat other players.

Collect over 100 dragon strains to make Dragon City gameplay more attractive

There will be different food sources and habitats for each type of dragon. So players need to make sure that they have enough resources to nurture their dragons. In addition, the reasonable distribution of resources will also help your dragons develop comprehensively.

Exciting dragon breeding feature

The dragon breeding feature allows you to breed 2 to 4 different elements to create a new dragon strain. The more time it takes to breed, the higher the rate of rare dragons.

In addition, dragons will change in size when they reach a certain level. The higher their appearance changes, the more beautiful they will look and the more power they will gain. When your dragon is big enough, some new skills will appear for you to choose and upgrade them.

Other outstanding features in the game

Each type of dragon will need a suitable adaptive environment to thrive. Therefore, players need to explore and expand their island area to have new lands and get enough space to nurture their dragons. 

The amazing dragon breeding feature in Dragon City

The game also has an arena mode for you to challenge other players to show your dragon training skills. Because of the harsh competition environment and many pitfalls. Most of the participating players want to get dragons of good quality.

Moreover, materials such as gold, silver, and gems allow you to buy more dragons. Upgrade their habitats and build more necessary structures for your island.

Game Dragon City also has a daily attendance function. Players should enter the game once a day to receive more and accumulate points to exchange for valuable gifts.


Above is all the information about the Dragon City game. From the interesting and useful sharing above. Hope you will have hours of fun while experiencing this game and quickly get a pack of powerful pets.

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