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Larva Heroes: Lavengers
App Name Larva Heroes: Lavengers
Genre Simulation
Developer tubaN
Size 92.8MB
Latest Version 2.8.7
Mod info Infinte Candy/Coin
Update September 21, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Larva Heroes: Lavengers

Larva Heroes Lavengers is an action game genre produced and developed by Mr.Games. This is a game designed according to the fight between the larvae is extremely interesting and fun. Since its launch, this game has attracted many players to join. Let's find out what this game genre has that players enjoy so much!

Larva Heroes Lavengers - Transform into Laver heroes protecting the earth

Larva Heroes Lavengers is inspired by two extremely popular movies - Larva and Avengers. It can be seen that this is the Avengers fighting squad in the world of Larva larvae.

Larva is an animated film that tells the story of two larva with a "smug" face, cute, creating sassy actions and funny situations. When participating in the game, players will be controlling two mischievous larvae at the same time. The player's task is to protect his house from other things or larvae that are trying to attack his house.

Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to transform into cartoon larvae to defeat the enemies who are plotting to destroy the planet. Note that you have to be very careful because the larvae attack a lot. Just one cow gets into your house, the game will end immediately.

When participating in the game, players will enjoy extreme comfort and fun. Using techniques such as kicks and punches, players will be able to transform into heroes to save the earth, bringing peace to all things around.

Download Larva Heroes Lavengers Mod Apk – The battle between the larvae

Larva Heroes Lavengers is really a game worth experiencing for gamers because of the following factors:

Attractive play style

Although the gameplay is quite simple, it is not easy to eat at all. Unexpected dangers are waiting for you without any warning. The main characters in Larva Heroes Lavengers are two red and yellow larvae. However, only one larva will be in command. So how to choose the leader larva?

Very attractive gameplay

Players just need to click on the left or right corner of the screen to control the main character, the secondary larva character will follow closely. In addition, you can call for additional reinforcements by selecting the button in the bottom corner of the screen. You can increase the efficiency of the game by giving the support larva to start the defense, while the main larva will attack from the back. The main larva has great damage and is stronger than the support larva.


The difficulty of the game will increase gradually closer to the end. At this stage, your character will lose blood and combat power will decrease significantly. The battle will therefore become much more complicated and difficult. This is the time for you to use items, drugs and support skills to add stamina and improve the fighting power of the larvae.

Players can summon reinforcement larvae to help by using sausages, because this is their top favorite food. So where can you find sausages? Let's collect the sausages that are falling from the sky quickly!

Various types of larvae

Larva Heroes Lavengers offers a variety of larvae: Support warriors, knights, archers, priests, magicians, etc. However, to win the chance to collect them, you need to unlock the types. that larva. Each type of larva has different advantages. For example, archers can attack from a distance; warrior will help the main character fight directly in a superior way.

The game will give gamers a lot of challenges. Each level will be divided into 3 stages with increasing difficulty. In the final level, gamers will confront a powerful boss. To become a winner, you need to have enough elite warriors because the enemy has the ability to heal his teammates.

Larva Character Level Up

Larva Heroes Lavengers allows players to level up larvae to increase their fighting ability as well as defense ability. You can also unlock the larvae with more durable fighting power to become the winner. Each level will be rated up to 3 stars.

If you want to get full 3 stars, you can replay the levels with low star count to change the achievement and unlock the next levels. On the other hand, each type of larva can evolve once it has been promoted to a certain level.

Feel free to level up the Larva to increase their strength

Graphics and sounds of the game

Although the game is designed in 2D graphics, this game is still very attractive and entertaining. You will experience an interesting and "turbulent" world of larvae. Besides, the game maker has refined the characters so that it is the most similar to the cartoon version.

Interesting effects along with lively sound are quite funny and catchy in each action phase, making players more and more excited.


Larva Heroes Lavengers is an entertaining game can completely help you have moments of relaxation and relaxation after a long stressful day. Download this game yourself to transform into mischievous larvae and experience the challenge!

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