Toca Hair Salon 4 2.1-play MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

Toca Hair Salon 4
App Name Toca Hair Salon 4
Genre Simulation
Developer Toca Boca
Size 124.1Mb
Latest Version 2.1-play
Mod info Unlocked
Update September 13, 2022 (6 months ago)

Description of Toca Hair Salon 4

Welcome to Toca Hair Salon 4 - the most realistic hair salon simulation game series. In the gameplay, you will get a chance to explore the hair shop and create any hairstyle based on your imagination. It's a great thing, isn't it?

Join Toca Hair Salon 4 now to become a talented hairstylist. And to discover exciting hairstyling! With the Toca Hair Salon app for kids, no hairstyle will ever be too overwhelming. After all, creativity is the root to create all joy!

toca hair salon 4 apk mod

Become a professional hairstylist with Toca Hair Salon 4

About the gameplay

With the latest version of this Toca Boca salon game series. Players are free to experiment with more hairstyles, art and makeup styles. Just pick an existing character and style for his or her the best hairstyle in your imagination.

The budding hairstylist talents can use a variety of scissors to trim. Or open the toolkit and select the trimmer for a closer shave. If you accidentally trim it, it's okay, players can easily wash their hair and rinse off traces.

All the characters of Toca Hair Salon are designed to be close. So that every child can see themselves in it. Or transform into a newer version with a green beard, purple lips and rainbow hair. To look good in any way!

Download Toca Hair Salon 4 mod apk - Let's explore the main features of the hair design game

Here, the children freely create hairstyles for the characters. And face makeup, hair dye, beard trim… and more. The game is divided into different areas. And each place will correspond to separate activities that are extremely interesting.

The salient features of this fun game series are as follows

  • The game brings 6 completely new characters.
  • The hairdressing tools are very richly reproduced. Typically scissors, straighteners, razors, curling irons and curling irons...
  • Realistic color spray effect is clear to every detail. Use them together to create beautiful hairstyles.
  • Use accessories such as glasses, flexible hats with bold fashion
  • Take pictures for a new hairstyle with a cool backdrop.
  • Beautiful effects in the game come with smooth gestures.
  • Fashionable hair styles,
  • The game supports Android tablets and old and new Android devices.

Other interesting features of the game Toca Hair Salon

game toca hair salon 4

The experience of playing at Toca Hair Salon 4 is very interesting

  • Experience the new Toca Hair Salon 4 when cutting hair with electric scissors.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo, towels as realistic as real life.
  • Combine using a hair dryer to style.
  • 9 color options when dyeing hair and can be used in combination.
  • Use the G.R.O.W tool to help hair grow back quickly.
  • The characters in the game have cute faces and voices when you style them.
  • There are no rules of intense play. Simply play your own way.
  • The interface is child-friendly and educational.
  • Say no to 3rd party advertising.
  • Say no to buying IAP purchase packages.

Areas in the game Toca Hair Salon 4

The game has faithfully recreated the space of a professional salon. Besides, the staff's gestures in the first-person perspective when serving customers are really genuine.

Area for haircuts and beard trimming

Use the tools available in Toca Hair Salon 4 to cut, straighten, dye, and trim your beard. A whole world of hair and vibrant colors is waiting to be discovered. And do not forget to follow the reactions of the characters when they are "transformed".

Skincare and facials area

Expand the salon functionality in Toca Hair Salon by unlocking the Face Station. To be able to create curled eyelashes with mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and blush…

Area to build style

There are up to 100 styles available in Toca Hair Salon 4 for players to experiment with. There will be a function to change costumes, stickers and accessories such as sunglasses or hats.

Photography area to keep the moment

The game will guide the character to pose and choose a separate concept for each photo. Photo albums will help participants keep these beautiful moments.

Hair care and shampoo area

Use shampoo, towel, and blow dryer. To wash each character's hair in Toca Hair Salon 4. See how the makeup is washed off? Then observe the character's real skin condition for a reasonable care method.

download toca hair salon 4

Do not hesitate to join the experience right away!


Above are detailed reviews of the game Toca Hair Salon 4 for children. But those who want to experience the light and fun game space can join. Quickly download the game to your device so as not to miss these educational relaxing moments!

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