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Earn to Die
App Name Earn to Die
Genre Race
Developer Not Doppler
Size 49.8MB
Latest Version 1.0.29
Mod info Unlocked
Update November 18, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of Earn to Die

Earn to Die is currently one of the few extremely hot hit online games, attracting a huge number of players around the world. This is a game designed, refreshed, bringing a newer, better game experience to players.

In the game world Earn to Die, players will experience the feeling of being trapped in a desolate desert, surrounded by scary zombies (zombie) walking around with a disgusting appearance. If the player only has a little cash and a shabby car, will they be able to overcome those hungry zombies to continue to survive until they escape the desert?

Want to know the answer, the only way to experience the game Earn to Die right away. EtD is an action game genre. In the game, players not only experience driving their way to defeat all the undead, but also earn money to upgrade, unlock or change vehicles accordingly.

Earn to Die mod apk android

Besides, if you find your driver is not strong enough, strong enough to fight, don't worry because there are other better options for players to freely choose such as cannons, stun guns, sharp frames, ... Especially when the player has passed the different levels in the game, there will be a helicopter to pick you up out of there. But this is not easy because the levels in the game are quite difficult to overcome, so it requires players to practice a lot to be able to win.

Download Earn to Die Mod Apk – Explore the world of zombie games extremely attractive new style

Earn to Die was released in September of this year but has attracted a large number of online game players to experience it. Along with that, the game content is attractive and unique compared to other games before, in this game players also enjoy beautiful, realistic 2D game graphics and the gameplay is also extremely simple, not too much. manipulation. And for more information related to the game Earn to Die, please read through the shares below.


As mentioned above, in this game, in addition to directly participating players, there are other zombies. Opening the game is the image of a lucky survivor in the zombie apocalypse. This person received a warning to go somewhere else to continue living.

Unlike previous zombie games, which often have scenes like shooting, chopping or doing whatever to kill those zombies, but in EtD it is completely different. In Earn to Die, the player will control the car to run over the zombies walking towards him.

You will also be equipped with a lot of different vehicles, specifically 8 vehicles and the same 7 equipment to upgrade your driver to be stronger and more capable. To be able to buy these cars, players will use the money they receive after each win in each game or use that money to upgrade the car.

However, when downloading the Mod version of Earn to Die, players will have unlimited money available in the Mod in their pocket. Along with that is an endless inventory of cars for you to choose from, today take one, tomorrow take another.

Control method

On the screen will appear 4 control keys so that the player can tilt the car, accelerate or Boost. As for the Boost key, it only appears when the player buys it in the Garage. And the tilt keys are to help players tilt the car, overcome steep, dangerous, difficult roads as well as how to prevent the car from tipping over.

How to play Earn to Die

Another surprising information for players is that the game Earn to Die does not have a game over, so feel free to play, experience your best, don't worry about losing. In case the player is going but unfortunately the car flips over, don't worry, the player can start over in the next game. After finishing the game, the screen will show the number of days that the player must pass to reach the final destination.

And of course, the player will also be provided with an amount of gasoline to control the car to the destination. If players want, they can also buy gas in the Garage with the free money that the Mod version provides.

Earn to Die will be more attractive after each level, the difficulty is increased when encountering "harder" zombies as well as other obstacles that are difficult to overcome to hinder the way to your destination.

Game Modes

Players will be able to open 2 more parts, Halloween and Championship, after completing the Story section. The gameplay is quite similar to the Story game, but the Halloween part is a bit different. That is, the player's goal at that time will be the pumpkins instead of the destination, the amount of gas will now be granted forever and at the same time the player's car will be fully upgraded. While playing, if the player has not collected all the pumpkins, it is okay because the player can continue to play to collect the remaining pumpkins.

In Championship mode, players will also be given an eternal amount of gasoline, a default car in each game and an amount of money enough to upgrade the car. And the player's job is to launch the car to the finish line in the shortest time possible.


Earn to Die is a great online game for players to experience. Graphics, sound, design, simple gameplay, ... all will not disappoint players. So download and join the game now.

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