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AFK Arena
App Name AFK Arena
Genre Simulation
Developer LilithGames
Size 99.2MB
Latest Version 1.80.01
Mod info No Mod
Update September 17, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a pretty famous role-playing game in the Vietnamese gaming community. Access to this game is increasing rapidly. The game attracts players by the context taken from the ancient kingdom of Esperia and imbued with Celtic mythology. The later the game becomes more and more attractive to players by the unique features that only AFK Arena can bring.

The name has shown some characteristics of the game. You just hang up and your squad will work hard to fight, kill monsters and bring you many attractive gifts or even new generals.

Join AFK Arena to discover hidden legends!!

As soon as you enter the game, you will be attracted by the movies with a subtle and mysterious style like Disney cartoons. The gaming community will be able to follow the story of the main characters and transform into the characters in the game. You can be a bounty hunter, a bloodthirsty warrior, a real killing machine, a hero fighting for justice. Or maybe a mage, a powerful god,... All create an extremely attractive game world.

The characters in the game are divided into 7 factions which are Celestials, Hypogeans, Lightbringer, Maulers, Wilders, Graveborn and Dimensionals. Each squad consists of 5 generals with 2 top generals and 3 back row generals. The important generals will be ranked behind and protected by the top 2 generals. Players can freely choose the squad to suit their play style based on a diverse champion system.

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The game AFK Arena is a game that attracts a large number of players in the gaming community to participate. What brought the attraction to this game? Follow me to find out now!

Captivating plot

AFK Arena attracts players by its extremely attractive storyline. The game gives gamers the feeling of stepping into a fairy tale. Here, players will be on a journey to stop an ancient evil from destroying the kingdom of Esperia. Throughout the game is the story against the monsters of the heroes.

Diverse card system

Own a lot of super cool superhero cards

If you have passed many cards, it will be very difficult for you to distinguish them. There is a way to help you distinguish easier that is based on the color on the cards. The strength of the colors is ranked in order of weakness: purple (Ascended), blue (Legendary+), green (Common).

Common generals have almost only 2 skills and a maximum level of 100. These are the most common types of generals, which can be easily rotated but not the card with the most generals.

Legendary+ generals usually have 3 skills, and the maximum level limit of champions is 160. Like Common, Legendary+  has a small number and opening them is also very simple.

Finally, there are the highest level fox cards in AFK Arena called Ascended. Ascended generals have 4 skills with 1 special skill that is only activated when reaching level 61. The maximum level of this champion is up to 240, and the number is 3 times more than the other 2 types.

Quality graphics and sound

Although it is only a 2D game, AFK Arena still attracts players by its fresh, realistic and extremely majestic looks. Abstract, creative images with clean lines. The game is designed on deep color tones. All create a distinct art for AFK Arena that helps it stand out among countless different games.

The generals here are designed with mythical shapes. Each character in the game has its own story, built extremely meticulously.

With each different faction will bring distinctive style, easy to distinguish. The skills and moves of the generals are designed in great detail. The scene in the game is also extremely diverse from palatial castles to haunted lands with many dangers nearby. You will have the opportunity to experience eye-catching battles with beautiful wide-area skill effects and powerful attack movements.

The characters are voiced with excellent dialogues by voices suitable for each person's personality, helping players not to be bored. The background music in the game gives players a heroic, powerful atmosphere. The fast-paced, hasty rhythm makes the player feel like they are marching in a medieval war, which can break out at any time.

Do not hesitate to explore this epic world right away!!


Game AFK Arena is a game chosen by many players because of its outstanding features that no other game has. Hopefully, after this article, I have helped you better understand this popular game. Let's join hands to experience the attractive game right away. Don't miss you!

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