Resso mod 1.73.0 Premium Unlocked

App Name Resso
Genre Simulation
Developer oujutpui
Size 70.2MB
Latest Version 1.73.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Update September 13, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Resso

Resso is not only a music player but also a miniature social network for users to interact with their favorite songs and artists. Besides, the interface of this application is also very suitable for the taste nowadays. In general, this app converges many factors making up the success of a music player application. So what are its specific features? Is this app really impressive enough to meet the expectations of users? To answer all of the questions above, please take a look at the introduction right below.

Download Resso Mod Apk - Exploring music player application integrated social network interaction

Resso is an application providing digital music, along with the ability to share and interact among people with the same passion. The application was born as an inevitable result as the demand for listening to music is increasing. Not simply listening to music, expressing thoughts and feelings about what you hear are also important. Resso's features meet those demands. These features are:

A great number of songs are constantly updated

Being a digital music store from the same company which has developed the Tik Tok application, Resso has the feature of catching trends very quickly. The application updates music very often, no song is missing. You can find almost all of the latest songs here.

Besides, an enormous music store enduring endlessly from Europe to Asia is also a vital factor in increasing app downloads. The app even has music from the 60s and 70s from every country all over the world. Whether you are a big fan of US-UK music or Kpop, just search for the name on the search bar, then you’ll have what you are looking for.

Best-quality sounds with many versions

Resso says no with music coming from pirated sources. All songs here are taken from the original source, so the quality is amazing. Apart from the original one, the app also updates covers or extremely chill remixes. Even if you like, you can mix your own music according to the genre you want. Therefore, you’re able to enjoy your favorite music with many different versions.

3D sounds accompanied with lyrics for each song

More particularly, the 3D sound mode makes the song more magical and soaring. There’s an advice is to use headphones to turn on 3D music and feel the tune. In addition to best-quality sounds, Resso thoughtfully attaches lyrics to each song. Thanks to this, listeners can both listen to and follow the song's content. Furthermore, if you find the lyrics wrong or missing, you also have the right to edit.

AI-based music recommendations

Thanks to the innovative AI technology, Resso will analyze and summarize users' music listening behavior. Therefore, the app recommends the most suitable songs or the one related to the ones you've heard. Thanks to this ability, Resso can be time-saving and enhance the experience when listening to music on this app.

Creating custom playlist

When you log in via Facebook or Google, the system will save the users’ information for the next login. If you are a newbie, Resso will ask you to choose your favorite artists. This information is used to search and create a mix of music playlists. Hence, you are able to hear a list of songs from your favorite artists every day.

Uploading music on the app and sharing with everyone

Apart from passively listening to music, users can also upload their personal music on Resso to contribute to the community. This is both a way to satisfy passion and a way to get closer to fame. There are many people who became hot overnight by uploading the cover on the platform and receiving a lot of attention.

Miniature social network with music theme

Resso is a miniature musical social network but no less animating. Here, you are connected to a community where people with the same music passion share and give their own reviews of favorite songs. What’s more, Resso also has a Vibe feature (adding photos, GIFs, videos,... into music), which is quite new. Intrinsically, this is a way of editing to make the song more interesting. You can upload the edited version. Who knows whether this will become a trend and be followed by many people?

The interface inclines simplicity, ensuring easy usage even for newbies

Resso possesses an interface that is not too colorful but follows the trend of minimalism. However, the home page of the app is still quite catchy thanks to the music posters and artist images. Roughly, the app is still mainly focused on the arrangement of items and features in the most scientific and easy-to-use way. Even for beginners, it only takes a few minutes to get used to all the features. Especially, the settings while playing music are displayed with a lot of options to edit the sound according to your wish.

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