Dynamons 2 mod + apk 1.2.2 Unlimited Coins

Dynamons 2
App Name Dynamons 2
Genre Simulation
Developer KeyGames Network B.V.
Size 26MB
Latest Version 1.2.2
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update September 15, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Dynamons 2

In our childhood, we all watched the famous cartoon series Pokemon. Or have known familiar Pokemon games such as the diamond game Pokémon Shuffle Mobile. Pokémon TCG Online card game or Pokemon Pocket House training game.

And to help you find your childhood with new experiences. The new game Dynamons 2 has appeared. Surely players have never tried the feeling of becoming a great coach. And your students are none other than Pokemon.


Dynamons 2 - Very attractive Pokemon training game

In this game, gamers will really be transformed into the game as a coach. To capture and train stubborn Pokemon. And become a powerful weapon for your squad.

This is a great role-playing game from the founders of Kizi Games. Continuing the story in the Pokemon world, gamers must collect and train excellent teams of Dynamons. To win glorious victories in epic battles.

By using powerful skills and special items to increase strength. Train cute Pokemon in the game to defeat tyrannical bosses. And fight in daily challenging arenas in the game.

Moreover, Dynamons 2 is the habitat of many monsters with many mystical abilities. Which players must try to collect to serve the purpose of fighting, exploring the world

Download Dynamons 2 mod apk - Learn the main features of the game on the Android platform

Dynamons 2 takes the experience of getting lost in a funny colorful world of Pokemon.

  • It is possible to collect and evolve dozens of unique creatures.
  • Upgrade Dynamon's skills to use various items in the app store.
  • Build a strategic plan and win the toughest battles.
  • Super cool graphics, beautiful visuals and extremely addictive gameplay.
  • A completely free game on Android.

Unique features only in the game Dynamons 2

In the world of Dynamons World, there are hundreds of creatures for players to freely combine squads. So what else is in this game that attracts gamers so much?

The combat system is designed to be simple


The combat feature is extremely simple but no less attractive

The combat system in Dynamons 2 is designed to be extremely simple. At the bottom of the screen there are control buttons. To choose the action for the character when it is his turn. The player can knock out enemies or weaken them and use the ball to catch them. The gameplay is similar to that in the Pokemon game. Dynamons after being captured will be added to the team.

Moreover, you can also let your Dynamons participate in more and more battles. Defeat as many other Dynamons and gain more experience to level up. After each battle, Dynamon will get stronger and unlock new skills.

Systems that counter each other with many choices

During the first login at Dynamons 2. Players will be shown how to go to battle and fight with Dynamon. Each Dynamon will own up to 3 active skills. Only one skill can be used per turn. After use, it will be transformed into another skill and in the form of waiting for energy charging.

Players are given a free Dynamon at the start of their journey. There are 3 choices will be 3 Dynamon of Fire type, Water type and Plant type. Similar to the engraving system in Pokemon. The Fire system counters the Plant system, the Flora counters the Water system, and the Water system counters the Fire system.

In addition to us, there are two more systems, the Dark system and the Light system, which also counter each other.

Upgrade Dynamon to unlock new skills

At the first levels of Dynamons 2, Dynamon only possesses one skill. After leveling up, gamers will unlock new skills for Dynamon. After each battle, the player's Dynamon will gain a certain amount of experience. When enough experience level to level up, players will need Dynastone to upgrade their Dynamon.

At some levels, evolution stone items are needed to level up Dynamon. But don't worry because you can earn evolution stones for each type in Boss Battles. After leveling up Dynamon's stats will be increased and the appearance will of course change.

Exciting Boss Battles

During each Dynamons 2 battle, it is also possible to change Dynamons into battle. By clicking on the blue plus icon and selecting the Dynamon currently in the team. Observe the enemy's Dynamon system to choose a counter Dynamon.

Also, when it's their turn, the player can let Dynamon cast skills and choose to use items. The HP of each Dynamon will be restored automatically after each battle. So players do not need to worry about finding a place to recover them.


Collect a lot of Pokemon to become a talented animal trainer!


Dynamons 2 brings a very familiar feeling when playing Pokemon. However the game has been optimized to be perfectly suitable for playing on mobile phones. Players can download and experience it for free on their phones or play on PC. Wish players will have fun experiences with Dynamons 2!

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