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App Name Vivamax
Genre Entertainment
Developer VIVAMAX, INC.
Size 18.1MB
Latest Version 4.20.1
Mod info Free Account
Update September 14, 2022 (6 months ago)

Description of Vivamax

Vivamax is a popular application allowing users to watch Filipino prevalent movies and shows that are being loved by millions of people. Just need to download the application onto mobile phones, and cinephiles will be able to binge-watch for free. Owning many outstanding features, this application is more and more asserting its position in the hearts of the viewers. Currently, the app has collected more than 1 million downloads on Android phones and received thousands of positive comments from viewers.

Download Vivamax Mod Apk - A Filipino movie and show-watching application loved by many people

Those who love Filipino movies and shows can now relax for free and anytime, anywhere on their mobile phones with Vivamax application. The product of publisher VIVAMAX, INC was released in 2021, and up to now, it has won the hearts of users in many Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam.

An enormous store of movies and TV shows

Vivamax summarizes a huge store of many different genres such as romance, psychology, fiction, action, comedy, rom-com, and science,... produced by the Philippines. The movies on this app are all carefully selected for content, including newly produced movies and the ones produced a few years ago. Moreover, there are also some classic movies and blockbusters making viewers watch over and over such as No Greater Love - The Turn For Love, Dangerous Love - Dangerous Relationships, Got to Believe – Believe Me Again, Stairway To Heaven – Paradise Without You, Losing Heaven – Lost Heaven, Beauty Within – The Mystery of Beauty… Before watching the movie officially, you can also read the general introduction and watch the trailer.

In addition to mainly displaying Filipino movies, the application also updates numerous TV programs like sports, fashion, gameshow, talkshow, music.... which are hot in this land of thousands of islands for the viewers to relax after a busy working day.  

The strength of Vivamax is that it has a large and powerful staff so that the upload speed of content is constant. Therefore, whenever accessing the app, users will see interesting and new content. Vivamax contributes to bringing Filipino cinemas into your fingertips.

Watching movies online and offline

Instead of sitting in front of the TV to watch your favorite movies and shows at a fixed time, you can turn on the app to watch right on your mobile phone. With the streaming mode, Vivamax makes viewers extremely convenient. Besides, viewers are also able to experience offline-watching mode at any time with countless pre-installed content. 

Amazing quality

All of the content of this app is guaranteed to be high-quality in terms of images for the viewers to have the smoothest experience. It's great to entertain with a movie and TV show with sharp images, clear, vivid sound, and stable, lag-free transmission.

Easily downloading onto mobile phones

This application allows viewers to download their favorite content onto their mobile phones to entertain offline, or to save their favorite movies with just a touch. Before downloading, you should consider the size of the content to see whether your device has enough space or not. During the downloading process, you can customize the image quality to save space for "lovely mobile phones".


This app is individualized so that each viewer will have to create their own account on the app to use conveniently. You are allowed to create a library to store your favorite movies and shows here. In addition, movie buffs are also able to save favorite movie titles for searching easier without having to make a lot of effort when wanting to entertain.

Watching on multiple devices

Vivamax supports users to entertain with their favorite content on many different devices instead of just watching on the phone screen. With the feature of linking to TV and computer screens, the content will be displayed here with constant quality. You can watch it with your beloved in your free time.


Vivamax possesses an intuitive, friendly, and easy-to-use interface. Owning a dark blue tone, the app is harmonious and pleasant for the user's eyes. Attractive movies and programs are displayed right on the homepage and constantly changed for the viewers to follow and enjoy easily. If you want to relax with any content, just click on it to watch right on your device. Several features such as Search, Downloads, Watch Lish, Watch Trailer, and Profile are displayed intuitively for users to use easily. Compared to other entertainment applications, Vivamax has also been no less optimized to serve the audience in the best way. If you love the Philippines, this is an amazing application for you to learn about their country through prevalent movies and TV shows.

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