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Reface Pro
App Name Reface Pro
Genre Entertainment
Size 47.58 MB
Latest Version 3.27.0
Mod info Pro Unlocked
Update December 30, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Reface Pro

Reface is not too unfamiliar to those who love chasing idols. It can be said that this app is very useful as you can add faces to the video of your idol. “Extremely convenient, easy-to-use” are the words used to describe this application. So what made this app be in response and used by many young people like that? In addition to swapping faces into videos, what are the other specialties of this app? The introduction below will provide information to answer those problems.

Download Reface Mod Apk - Exploring the professional face swap application

Reface is an entertainment tool that used to create great attractions since its first launch thanks to the interesting feature: swapping faces with the people in the video. But if it’s simply swapping faces from videos to videos, then there’s nothing special. Let’s discover some advantages creating the attraction of Reface right below. 

Swapping faces in available videos

Reface owns a feature swapping every face into the part of the cut that was selected with just a selfie. The changes in the face can let you show up in a video or swap face with people in that video. With this feature, the app is sought-after by many youngsters and used in many videos which contain your favorite idol.

Not only encapsulated in the face of the actor, idol,... but Reface users are also allowed to swap face with anyone in the image library. Or you can also take pictures of people close to you and swap right away with the app.

Natural and real editing technology

With the advanced AI technology named Deepfake, Reface is literally successful in swapping faces of people in the videos with your own face. The app works based on the principle of analyzing the features on the face that need swapping. After completely analyzing, Reface will edit and merge your face with the face in the videos. The most important thing is that it doesn’t have any trace of photoshop. All of the changes in the videos look extremely natural and realistic, it’s not easy to realize. 

The available GIFs and video store is diverse, and free to choose

Reface has an interesting video and GIFs store for you to choose and use liberally. The video themes are exceedingly diversified, from the size of Hollywood blockbusters to the meme footage of Kpop idols. The themes are arranged and classified in the most scientific way. Moreover, the app also has a search bar to search for a keyword, avoiding the case that users are dizzy in too many videos.

Smooth experience, easy saving and sharing

Although Reface specializes in editing, this application doesn’t use too much capacity. It certainly doesn't take much time to load the video or be thrown out surprisingly. So if your device doesn't have immense configuration, it's still easy to use without jerking or lag.

Besides, the products of Reface will be saved as the video or GIFs platform. After exporting, there will be a “share” button to show off your work on social networks.

Simple and free operation

Reface possesses high work without asking the user to understand deeply about technology. All the users’ actions are susceptible to a mild usage procedure. Particularly, there’s just one photo and video to replace, the app will take care of your next problems. The products are exceptionally amazing, better than expected.

Although Reface owns the convenience and high performance, you don't have to lose your money if you want to edit on Reface. This means you won't have to spend your money to unlock some features if you want to use the app.

Commitment to many terms related to security

Reface is very respectful of user information because it only accesses the data from the selected image without making use of infiltrating the system. And the application is committed to only taking personal photos and data for the purpose of editing photos and videos, not stealing information. Importantly, what the app uses is the individual's unique facial features, not the individual's biometrics. So you can be assured about the truthfulness of the commitment.

To prove the above commitment and avoid the trouble of privacy invasion, photos uploaded to Reface are only saved within 24 hours and will be automatically deleted. Personal data is also only available on the server for 30 days.

Impressive interface, guaranteed to be user-friendly

The logo of Reface app is designed impressively in black and white color. And the application’s interface is no less attractive with the black playing the key role. The system of editing features is classified and arranged clearly to prioritize user experience. In general, the app doesn’t have too many cumbersome sections. The main usage still revolves around choosing photos and videos, the app will take care of the rest.

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