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Brawl Stars
App Name Brawl Stars
Genre Entertainment
Developer yousef rahimi
Size 487.6Mb
Latest Version 47.227
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 04, 2023 (4 weeks ago)

Description of Brawl Stars

Although only released not long ago, Brawl Stars has been very popular in the gaming community. So how interesting is this game? Is there a way to get used to them easily and quickly become a master after a short time?

This game is released by Supercell - the tycoon in the game production world. This is considered a game that brings a lot of promise to players. After a period of silence, this is probably the blockbuster game that Supercell brings to the mobile game market.

The first highlight of this game is how easy it is to enjoy the game. Basically, it's simply a PvP match of the familiar MOBA genre around the dispute between gem mines between the map. Each team will have 3 members selected from many different characters with unique characteristics.


Sprawl Stars 3v3 Survival Battle

Killing the opponent will help you win the amount of gems that the opponent is in possession of. This will indirectly increase the mutation for the game. Especially when you want a divine reversal. The battle will end after one side reaches the specified amount of gems or the timer runs out. In the event of a timeout, the side that holds the most stones wins.

Of course, not only the classic 3v3 genre, but Brawl Stars still has other attractive modes for players to choose from. A few quick matches will give you a bit of a refresher during gameplay. However, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time trying to get experience for yourself.

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If you are looking for a game that is both action and a bit of strategy, this is an extremely suitable game. Team up to fight together and coordinate the best to bring about victory. Let's take a look at the attractions here:

  • Survival gameplay is extremely interesting, attractive with battles in teams of 3 people or individually.
  • Diverse generals and skills for you to freely choose to upgrade and use.
  • The game screen is extremely diverse with countless different game modes.
  • A series of arenas for players to show off their abilities, climb the rankings and compete for the top.


Many different game modes for players to freely choose

  • Events and extremely interesting game modes are regularly updated.
  • The graphics of Brawl Stars are colorful and extremely bright. It is designed in the form of cartoon graphics so the interface in the game is easy to understand and close.
  • The sound in the game is extremely fun with fast rhythms that make the game more attractive and thrilling. Sound effects when players use moves and attacks of generals are very interesting and unique.

The best Brawl Stars tips for players

Let's refer to the following tips to draw the secret to your own bag:

Don't forget players can hide themselves

In the Brawl Stars arena, there is a feature that new players don't know about, which is the stealth feature. If chosen correctly, the player can hide on any map and become invisible to others. If you are in the vegetation on the map, you will see your character turn transparent. This means you are in stealth mode and the opposing team can't see it.


Hiding in the battle for survival increases survivability

You can use this feature in any game mode. Take advantage of it to create many wise strategies for yourself. If vegetation is around the "spawn" point, you can launch a surprise attack by hiding here or choose to go invisible when health is low.

Check the brightness

In the Gem Grab 3v3 wars, it is possible to know when a new gem appears. The whole thing to do is pay attention to how bright the well is. Each time a gem is born, the well will lose its light. When spawning a new gem, it will start to shine again.

With this visual clue, it's very easy to know when the spawn point is needed. When the opponent is busy fighting, you should pay attention to the brightness of the well and try to collect gems as soon as they appear.

Using target guidance

Brawl Stars has two attack types: super strong and normal. You can use both manual and automatic modes. To shoot automatically just click on the corresponding button. The character will automatically aim to shoot the nearest enemy. However, if you switch to manual aiming mode, you can perform more effective attacks.

The difference between these two modes is that there is no priority system for automatic targeting. For example, this type of aiming cannot detect the difference between strong and weak enemies. It can only shoot the nearest enemy to it. However, in manual mode, you can choose the target and precisely aim the opponent you want to destroy.


Above are the overview and tips for playing Brawl Stars - the latest MOBA masterpiece. Have you experienced it yet? If not, please quickly download it to experience it.

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