Vegas Crime Simulator 6.3.1 MOD APK (Unlimited money) Download

Vegas Crime Simulator
App Name Vegas Crime Simulator
Genre Simulation
Developer Naxeex Llc
Size 104.4Mb
Latest Version 6.3.1
Mod info Unlimited money
Update February 28, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Vegas Crime Simulator

The resounding success of the series of street robbers Grand Theft Auto - GTA. An endless source of inspiration for game developers to create Vegas Crime Simulator.

Vegas Crime action-adventure game realistically depicts the open 3D criminal world like in the GTA 5 series. Players will play the role of a ruthless criminal with a desire to own the city.

Players will take on the role of someone who wants to rule a new criminal empire and take over NYC at any cost. Adventure to explore the amazing landscape of the city. And the same operations as did in GTA 5: San Andreas.

Vegas Crime Simulator with PC version for Windows 10 realistically recreates the gangster world. With thrilling racing, shooting, gang purging, looting.

To build a great reputation in the chaotic city, drive through the busy streets in a stolen car. And complete as many different missions as possible.

vegas crime simulator mod
Vegas Crime Simulator crime role-playing game

This is an action game series in the open world with fast paced, urgent. Perfect gameplay with a mix of racing, shooting and exciting Mafia empire series. There are many fun activities for gamers and the possibilities are endless.

This depends on how the player reacts to each situation. Especially you can be cruel and criminal if you want. Or simply drive the stolen car and defend yourself on the street.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk - Learn the unique features of the game

  • 3D simulation game and inspired by Grand Theft Auto.
  • A lot of weapons for players to take advantage of such as sniper rifles, pistols, rifles ...
  • Players can control cars, large displacement motorcycles. And become the most famous gangster in the city.
  • Players can perform all missions throughout the city.

With all that this game has to offer, why not write a new Mafia story in the city yourself? And become the most dangerous big brother to be obeyed by the juniors?

What will players do to become the hegemon of the New York underworld? The answer will be after the content below!

The bright spots of the game make this the most perfect successor of GTA

If you are a fan of street robbery games, then the article will bring you a game on the mobile platform with a really unique way to play.

Play the role of a boss to stir up the streets

The crime boss stirs up the streets

Vegas Crime Simulator gives gamers the way of domination of a gangster. Despite not being afraid of anyone in the city. Players will be transformed into normal characters. And your mission is to kill people whenever you want. Even beating the police to bring back the prestige of the gangster to stir up this city.

Not only that, gamers should attack the area that has been protected by the military base. Grab different weapons and kill all the cops who want to catch you.

In this game, civilians and police are just ordinary people to the player. For the purpose of players coming here to be a social tycoon. So the people who have enough roles are other tycoons who also want this city to be theirs.

You can also kill people and take cars whenever you want. But when it comes to other social hands, you need to be wary and wary of them.

Controlling the character is not difficult

Very easy character control buttons

To be a gangster boss in Vegas Crime Simulator, gamers need to know how to control their character. The way to control the character is not difficult. The buttons on the screen will help you to control the character to go where you want.

Buttons will appear automatically when the player approaches something. For example, opening a car door or climbing into a helicopter.

Weapons equipped according to the character are very diverse

Guns are always a weapon that follows your character, so go to the store, to be able to buy your character the best gun. Not only that, you can also equip your character with other items. Typically, first aid kits, magazines, weapons, armor, etc.

And when playing Vegas Crime Simulator, you have to constantly upgrade your character. This makes the character more powerful.

Amazing realistic graphics and sound

Vegas Crime Simulator 3D graphics along with realistic colors. All create a bustling city, where tycoons are looking to dominate.
The sound is also designed to be vibrant and full of drama. The sound of gunfire or the sound of a car are all detailed in detail. Make the player like being transformed into a real gangster boss.


And that's all the information surrounding the hottest Vegas Crime Simulator game today. The gameplay is not difficult with an attractive storyline, this is a worthy game series for you to experience. Join now, to enjoy the ultimate surreal game world.

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